Top 10 Night Clubs in Europe

Is the nightlife in your city no longer enjoyable? Reward yourself this summer! The most popular nightclubs in different cities of Europe await you. Here are the 10 best clubs in Europe for those who want to get excited with dance music!

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1. Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a unique city for a great clubbing holiday. Not only Barcelona, but Madrid also offers you many fun and vibrant venues for nightlife. Not everything is easy when you find so many quality and fun options together. In such cases, the biggest problem that arises is which place you will choose.

Moreover, if your friends are too selective, choosing will be even harder! Fortunately we exist. Razzmatazz and Ker should definitely be your first two options to stop by. In addition to these, you can attend the famous dance music festival Sónar held in June. Primavera by the sea is one of the places you will enjoy.

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2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has legendary nightclubs such as Escape, which have made the city famous. In summer, even if the fun shifts to Woodstock, which is 45 minutes away from Amsterdam during the daytime, on the seaside, Escape is always the favorite of the nights.

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3. Basel, Switzerland

Of course Switzerland is not only famous for its Alps and its chocolate. Basel, the third largest city in the country, hosts the shows of the world’s most famous DJs in clubs such as Nordstern, with the comfort of being a stone’s throw away from the heart of dance music culture in France and Germany.

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4. Berlin, Germany

Of course, it would not be possible not to mention Berlin among the best nightclubs in Europe. From the techno rhythms echoing from the walls of the abandoned warehouses, it offers different clubbing entertainment options with its stylish and intimate venues.

Although it is quite difficult to enter a famous nightclub like Berghain, it is worth a try. There is no better place to dance 24 hours a day. As you can imagine, it is also forbidden to take pictures in this place! What happened in Berghain stays in Beghain.

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5. Zagreb, Croatia

Although Croatia is touted as a country with people sipping champagne and situated on the pure seaside like in Hvar, it also hosts events that host clubbers like the Outlook Festival near Pula. There are quality clubs in the city center of the capital city of the country, Zagreb. If you are a fan of electronic music, you should definitely go to Sirup.

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6. Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital Budapest, brought to life by the blue Danube River, hosts many clubbers on the island on the river every summer. Hajógyári, a palace from the Roman Empire era, is now one of the frequent destinations of the Sziget Festival held in August, housing many bars and nightclubs. Apart from Sziget, we definitely recommend Instant, which has more than 25 different rooms and you can find different music in each of them, in Budapest, which is famous for its “ruin pub” concept.

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7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Clubs such as Culture Box host the giant names of electronic music and contribute to the underground culture of the city. As if great music wasn’t enough, the Culture Box has as many Heineken packages as you can drink from 23:00 to midnight. Considering that Copenhagen is a special place to put beer even on bicycles, it’s actually quite a reasonable discount!

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8. Glasgow, Scotland

The nightlife in Scotland has been rocky from the capital Edinburgh to Glasgow. Numbers is the most exciting music group to have emerged from the shores of the UK in recent years. The center of the performances of this team, which has made a name not only in Scotland, but also in the whole of England and Europe, is the legendary Sub Club, which must be visited by everyone who loves electronic music and who is in England.

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9. Paris, France

Did you know that Paris hosts an extremely colorful nightlife under its romantic and classic atmosphere? Badaboum, which used to be a concert venue located in the vicinity of Bastille, is now a home for techno and underground music.

In Badaboum, which consists of three rooms with different concepts, you can chat with your friends while drinking magnificent cocktails in the calmer ambience of the cocktail bar, listen to DJs or bands in the concert area, or play video games in the upstairs room. In short, no matter what mood you are, it is guaranteed that you will have a lot of fun at Badaboum.

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10. London, England

The city, where you can find a different night entertainment on every corner, offers many quality options from the legendary Fabric in the North to the Dalston Strip on the east side. If you are in search of good club music and quality entertainment instead of a crowd who is interested in your clothes, you can choose Corsica Studios and Fire in the south of the river. Because these venues currently host the best nightly entertainment in London.

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