10 Spectacular Haunted Castles Subject to Films

You may have never seen a part of it, although some of it is the subject of films. They are also very interesting as well as interesting. These fortresses, which are claimed to be haunted, belong to the politicians and the famous rich.

1. Wolfsegg Castle – Germany

Wolfsegg is a small, remote town in Germany. The main attraction and the crowning jewel of this small community towers proudly over the village, from a hill located in its direct center. Here, stands Wolfsegg Castle, a great stone edifice known for its domineering beauty as much as for its ghost stories. Rumor has it that the ghosts in Wolfsegg castle have lived for over 500 years and have raped and murdered the surviving spouse.

2. Himeji Castle – Japan

Himeji Castle (Himeji-jo) in Himeji is a castle in the middle of the city of Himeji, Hyogo, Japan. Built on top of a mountain, the castle can be seen all over Himeji. It was built for war, became haunted by vengeful ghosts, is protected by ”magic” ceramic tiles, and boasts a bizarre military maze to confuse invaders. Myth, superstition, bloodshed, and glory reverberate through the 83 buildings of the biggest and most revered castle in Japan. Today a tourist attraction outside Kobe, this hilltop fortress has a dark, strange story.

3. Dragsholm Castle – Denmark

Ghosts living and dead, have always lived in Dragsholm Castle in Zealand, Denmark. They all leave historical footprings and they all tell their stories. Some sources say that after a period of imprisonment in Dragsholm, Bishop Ronnow moved to Copenhagen Castle, where Protestant hunters died in 1544. In modern accounts, he says it is mentioned as one of about 100 ghosts, which is rarely thought to have come to Dragsholm Castle.

 4. Predjama Castle – Slovenia

Predjama Castle, built into the rock, was one of Slovenia’s many photogenic spots, but hundreds of years ago it was an impenetrable castle. After being destroyed in a siege, the castle received a make over, but as you wander through its drafty passages, you can still feel it’s a place echoing with ghosts and memories. Knight Erazem Lueger’s residence, Predjama, had hidden the passages and became a well-known area of torture and betrayal. He was betrayed by his servants and killed in the castle and is said to be still haunting.

 5. Chateau De Brissac – France

The Château de Brissac resides just south of the city of Angers, in the Loire River Valley of France.The castle is recorded to have been built during the 11 th century, and has a long and interesting history. Like many castles around the world, the Château de Brissac is said to possess its own resident ghost. This is the ‘la Dame Verte’ or Green Lady, who is said to be the ghost of an unfaithful wife murdered by her husband during the 15 th century.

6. Bardi Castle – Italy

Castle Bardi overlooks the scenic Emilia-Romagna valley in northern Italy. This castle built in the 900s is one of Italy’s medieval treasures. Castle Bardi is known for its Romeo and Juliet tragic love story. It is because of this tragedy that many feel the castle is haunted. Returning from the war, Morello tragically found Soleste’s body on the ground. When he found out what he was doing, he killed himself. Since then, Morello’s ghost is said to have traveled around the castle searching for lost love.

7. Cape Town Castle – South Africa

Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town, located under a hatching mountain near steep and stormy seas in history, is full of the best ghost stories. Many of the buildings within the castle walls are said to be haunted. With such a long history come lighthearted and gruesome tales. These cling to the stony walls and, according to some, take on spectral forms and make eerie sounds in the quiet of the night. Even the night guards, by their own admission have been known to take longer walking routes on their rounds rather than pass under certain archways and dark, dank spaces to get from one point to the next.

8. Fraser Castle – Scotland

One of the grandest Castles of Mar, Castle Fraser is full of quirky features including secret staircases, trapdoors and a spy hole. Over the years there have been numerous sightings of a young woman who was murdered in the Green Room. Her bloodied body, dragged down the round tower, stained the steps to such an extent that they had to be covered in the wooden panelling we see today. Dressed in a long black gown, the ghost of Lady Blanche Drummond, who died in 1874, wanders the castle and its grounds. Ghostly whispers, laughter and music have also been heard in the Great Hall.

9. Horst Castle – Belgium

Horst Castle is a half-ruined Flemish Renaissance castle set on the edge of a lake, 6 km south of Aarschot. The locals say that the ghost of the Lord Rode returns to Horst Castle in a wagon towed by six wild horses every day at midnight. The soul of the legendary 15th century lord cannot find rest for having murdered a priest.Two versions of the story exist. The first one says that the priest had started the mass in the castle before the arrival of the lord, and this latter, angered by the priest’s disrespect, cut his throat on the spot.The second version has it that the priest had had an affair with the beautiful wife of the lord.

10. Larnach Castle – New Zealand

Located on the picturesque Otago Peninsula, Larnach Castle has a scandalous history, one family drama, death, and a lot of ghost stories. It is known that the first Mrs. Larnach, who died alone from the apoplexy, made her presence near her bedroom.Larnachs’ favorite daughter Katie, who died of typhoid death in 1888, is said to haunt the ballroom built in 1886 to celebrate her 21st birthday.

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