The 18 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

The combination of nature and human aesthetics creates wonderful gardens. Each of the gardens in different styles around the world creates a unique atmosphere. Gardens, which used to be an indicator of power and wealth, are now the favorite of anyone who wants to enjoy the love of nature and the pleasure of the open air.

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1. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens – Thailand

Located in Pattaya, Thailand, Nong Nooch is home to a botanical garden and 670 native plants. In the symmetrically designed garden, you can see shrubs perfectly cut with bonsai, palm, and cacti, and you can ride a bicycle or a sea bike.

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2. Keukenhof Gardens – Netherlands

The world’s largest flower garden Keukenhof is home to about seven million flowering plants. The garden, also known as the ‘Garden of Europe’, is open every year from March to May, and during this period, tulip flowers, which are the symbol of the Netherlands, open with all the colors of the rainbow and offer a magnificent visual feast to the visitors.
In Keukenhof, you can see not only tulips but also hyacinths, bellflowers, daffodils, and fulyas. There is also a 15 km walking path to explore the Keukenhof and a boat tour where you can watch the garden from a different angle. In addition to flowers, you will see examples of sculptures and ornamental pools.

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3. Versailles Gardens – France

One of the most famous gardens in the world is undoubtedly the gardens that extend to the eyes of Versailles Palace and offer the most classic example of French gardening art. This giant garden with 300 hectares of forests, hundreds of flower beds, tens of fountains, and 372 sculptures were built by 14th Louis in 1661. Many of the sculptures in this garden, which are also on the UNESCO World Heritage list, represent mythological characters.

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4. Villa d’Este Renaissance Gardens – Italy

Villa d’Este, a mansion built in the 16th century, a little outside of Rome, is popular with its terraced gardens and majestic ornamental pools. These pools, one of which also plays music, are specially designed to entertain and impress visitors to the mansion on time. Villa d’Este is a wonderful example of Italy’s Renaissance gardens that have survived to the present day.

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5. The Butchart Gardens – Canada

This idyllic garden in Canada’s British Columbia state has been captivating its guests for more than a century with its lush greenery and colorful flowers. There are 26 greenhouses in Butchart Gardens, the section called Sunken Garden, which is especially popular. The fact that this place used to be a lime kiln used to be in a distant past that no one would have thought of visiting the garden.

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6. Monet’s Garden – France

This poetic beauty garden, which French impressionist painter Claude Monet started to design in 1890, consists of two parts: one flower garden and one pool garden. The artist was inspired by Japanese paintings while designing the garden in Giverny, in Northern France. The pool is decorated with water lily flowers and the bridge on it offers breathtaking views like Monet’s works.

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7. The Cosmic Speculation Garden – Scotland

Considered as one of the most interesting flower gardens in the world, the Cosmic Speculation Garden in Scotland is the most elegant form of mathematics and landscape. In its Cosmic Speculation Garden, which attracts the attention of tourists thanks to its different design, it has a mathematical harmony in lakes and other plants as well as flowers.

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8. Rikugien Gardens – Japan

It is a known fact that Japanese people are sensitive about garden arrangements. The Japanese, who can reflect minimal styles very well to their lives, have successfully adapted this to flower gardens. Rikugien Garden stands out as a combination of every green tone with a perfect landscape. It also makes the environment much more pleasant in small ponds in the garden. In short, Rikugien Garden is one of the places you should see in Japan.

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9. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens – UK

The land of 132 hectares was established among lemon groves. Under their domes, botanical science and privacy are united. It is only 10 km from London. Temperate House is the largest lemon garden from the Victorian era. There are trees older than 150 years in the Bonsai House. Under the sloping glass ceiling of the Palm House, baobab trees and vanilla orchids grow in ten climatic areas. Queen Charlotte’s hut made for royal picnics and citrus made for lunch is fascinating.

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10. Powerscourt Gardens – Ireland

The gardens at Powerscourt in the south of Dublin and the large Palladian Villa were designed in the 18th century. It is built on an area of 19 hectares with high walls and small lakes shaded by trees. Squares, waterfalls, parks, camellias, vines that cover all sides bear the traces of the Italian Renaissance, large mansions, and gardens in France and Germany. Stepped sets and landscapes are planned with carefully designed walking areas. The Wicklow Mountains are right in front of you, framed with their noble beauty.

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11. Dumbarton Oaks Gardens – USA

You can feel like you are in one of the gardens of the richest houses on the north end of Georgetown, one of Washington’s most fashionable neighborhoods. The vines that also cover the Fountain Terrace go down from the stone walls. The Lovers Line curls like a Roman-style amphitheater built around a small, deep, and blue pool. This simple road going on is now known as Melisande’s Allee. Perhaps the unforgettable opera Pelleas et Melisande is referred to.

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12. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild Gardens – France

In the early 1900s, a Rothschild baroness, Beatrice Ephrussi, built a candy-pink villa in Venetian style, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful gardens. Curled paths lead to 7 themed gardens; however, the focus is on the French Garden. The French garden features the Temple of Love, an exact replica of Trianon in Versailles, dancing fountains, a pool covered with water lilies, and also a Provencal Garden. In this garden, there are lavenders and olive trees, sculptures that are too large to fit in the villa, and decorated with precious stones.

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13. Master of the Nets Gardens – China

This garden, known as Wangshiyuan in Chinese, is located in the southeast of China. It was designed during the Song Dynasty (A.D. 960 – 1270). The arrangement of camellias, halls, music rooms, and cute bamboo gardens tells us natural harmony. The center of the garden is a world in itself. The yellow stones laid in a row seem like mountains with caves. There is a small bridge to the camellia in the center, which is the temple of silence.

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14. Sanssouci Gardens – Germany

Prussian great Frederick built the magnificent rococo palace, which he thought of as a summer house, to live his life desperately. There are busts and decorative sculptures of Roman emperors. Chinese tea houses and lavish gardens are dotted.

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15. Jardin Majorelle Gardens – Morocco

Jardin Majorelle, which has all the shades of blue, is quite different from other gardens on the list. Designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle in 1920, Morocco took more than 40 years to finish the beautiful garden in Marrakesh. Today, the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is proud of this majestic garden.
One of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco, the majestic garden has a large collection of marble, water lilies, and lotus flowers, roads, banana trees, streams, many blooming flowers, ponds, cacti. The garden contains more than 15 birds, the North African endemic species. The painter used Cobalt blue in the garden for a special shade.

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16. Shalimar Gardens – Pakistan

Shalimar Garden in Pakistan Lahore was built in the 17th century by Mughal Emperor Shah Cihan. The traditional Persian garden shows the luxury and wealth of South Asia during that period. Garden construction started in 1641 and was completed in a year. The garden in the form of a rectangular parallel edge is built on a 3-level terrace, which is raised 4-5 meters above each other.

Surrounded by high brick walls, the 80-acre Large Marble Cascade of the garden stands out as its most impressive area. The garden has a total of 410 fountains and 5 waterfalls. In the garden, there are summer entertainment centers, sleeping rooms, rooms of the emperor’s family, a large hall, a hammam, minarets, and a resting place. Shalimar Garden was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981.

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17. Hillwood House Museum and Gardens – Washington

Marjorie Merriwether Post, the founder of General Foods, was once the richest woman in the world. Marjorie built a 40-room “Georgian Mansion” surrounded by a huge garden. It has stone lanterns, a pagoda, a rock pool, and a Japanese garden blended with an American-style touch. More than 10 gardens along the 13 decares of land are worth seeing. Visitors prefer this place for an afternoon tea and a quiet environment, away from the noise and chaos of the big city after its death.

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18. Yuyuan Garden – China

Built during the Ming Dynasty, which reigned in China between 1368 and 1644, Yuyuan was most likely developed in 1550. Yuyuan Garden stands for Spacious Garden and definitely reflects its name. The traditional Chinese-style garden Koi offers a visual feast with fish ponds, magnificent fountains, traditional Chinese dragon motifs, solid walls, bridges, gates, entertainment centers, trees, and rocks.

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