7 Fantastic  Activities You Must Do in France

When it comes to France, the first places that come to mind are usually Paris and the Eiffel Tower. It is understandable that the names of Paris, one of the most important touristic cities of the world, and the Eiffel Tower, one of the most important symbolic structures of the world, attract millions of visitors every year.

But, of course, the trip to France is not just about walking the streets of Paris and climbing the Eiffel Tower. We have identified 7 experiences that will make your visit to France one of the favorite countries for travelers all over the world.


The country house of the famous French impressionist painter Claude Monet is in the town of Giverny, 80 km from Paris. Spread over an area of eight acres, the flowers in the garden inspired the works of the famous painter. If you come across water lilies in the water while crossing the Japanese bridge in the garden, do not doubt that you will feel yourself in the paintings of Monet. The country house, which also serves as a museum, is open to visitors.


Did you know that the Arcachon resort town of Bordoux has the highest sand dune in Europe? The dunes rising along the Atlantic Ocean are known as Dune du Pilat. The 110-meter-high sand dune stretching for about 3 km is a fascinating world for visitors. Running down a sand dune or paragliding over sand dunes can be a pleasant experience.


Discovered by chance in 1940, Lascaux Cave is located in the Dordogne province of France. As a result of the investigations carried out inside the cave, it was seen that there were paintings on the walls dating back 17 thousand years. These prehistoric paintings depict mankind’s war with animals. As the visits to the cave began to damage the paintings, Lascaux was closed to visit and reproductions of the paintings were made in a second cave (Lascaux II).


When you’re on your way to Nantes, one of the places you should visit is the Jules Verne museum dedicated to Jules Verne, who is considered the founding father of the sci-fi novel. The museum features first-edition books, manuscripts and audiovisual educational materials, interesting mechanical instruments inspired by his books, and fantastic creatures from writer Jules Verne, born in Nantes.Taking a trip into the world of the author of ’80 Days in the World ‘and’ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ‘in the magnificent 19th century museum building will be a nice experience for travelers.


Explore the Celtic heritage in France. Celts, which are very original people with their lives and cultures, live in Rennes’ Brittany region except Ireland. In the region, where the Celtic language has not lost its effect, the tradition of music and dance is kept alive at festivals held in July and August.


In 1858, a girl who went to Massabielle cave in the city of Lourdes on the walls of the cave repeatedly Hz. She sees the silhouette of Mary appearing. In addition, the official records of the recovery of 66 patients, 12 of whom were drinking from water in the cave were paralyzed, caused this cave to be considered sacred.


Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the Alps, is located in the Chamonix region of France. Among the best ski resorts in the world, the town of Chamonix is very convenient for skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and other extrem sports. The region is located at the intersection of France, Italy and Switzerland and you will have unforgettable experiences throughout your life.


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