11 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit in Autumn

When we say holiday, we always think of summer months. Even though there are 365 days, 12 months and 4 seasons in a year, we try to fit all our holiday plans into the summer months. However, the beautiful colors of autumn offer very good holiday opportunities. It is more affordable, so calm and pleasant that you can only mingle with local people.

1. Rome

Autumn is the best time to visit Rome, which drowns in the heat during the summer. Autumn adds a completely different charm to Italy’s capital. The enchanting colors of the sky at sunset and the shadows of the city’s magnificent buildings create an unforgettable view.

2. Bruges

Bruges is a small city that you can explore with a short walk; It will be the ideal choice for a quiet holiday in autumn with its canals, medieval walls, charming streets and gothic church towers extending into the sky. You can stroll through the winding canals in a row of ornate houses and discover for yourself why this is the most popular stop for all types of passengers.

3. Montreal

Montreal is a city rich in autumn colors. The yellowing colors of the maple leaves hidden among the skyscrapers in Montreal, Canada’s cultural capital, create an enchanting image. To see the most beautiful autumn view of the city, you should try climbing the mountain of the same name in Mont Royal Park. By day, explore Montreal’s colourful Mount Royal and abundant farmers markets and by night visit the Botanical Garden by lantern light or cozy up with apple cider in a hidden-away bar.

4. New York

You never have to look for excuses to go to New York. Ideal for any season of New York travel. You can stroll through the fallen leaves in Central Park in autumn and head to the bohemian-style shops of West Village or enjoy fine cuisine on the Upper West Side. The vibrant markets in Grand Central Station will surely offer you the best in the city.

5. Dresden

Perhaps not a popular destination to replace Paris or Rome, but Dresden is one of Germany’s most impressive cities for its cultural and artistic richness. Dresden is a lush place full of forests, gardens and parks. The city is rich in cultural and artistic history, but when it comes to autumn colors it is a magnificent city.

6. Budapest

In the city where the Danube joins the two sides of the city, the autumn colors of the trees along the river are worth seeing. Tour the bridges across the river and enjoy the city’s skyline, and enjoy the autumn in Budapest by taking boat trips.

7. Stockholm

This water city, one third of which is composed of parks and gardens, is also home to a treasure in terms of the colors of autumn. After a shopping tour in Södermalm, you can stroll through the Skansenpark and take a short walk with views of the Baltic Sea.

8. Colmar

Colmar, France is famous for its medieval houses. When the yellow-orange leaves of the trees are added to these colorful and colorful buildings, the town looks like a fairy tale. You can also take a gondola ride between these houses in the part of the Rhine that runs into the town without dumping the winter.

9. London

London, the capital city of England, which competes with New York and Paris to become the world’s most popular tourist attraction, is famous for its parks. There are 8 parks belonging to the Royal Family alone, and almost every neighborhood has its own small park or green area. As such, when the leaves of the trees in the parks start to turn yellow in autumn, it is as if a person passes through a tunnel that turns yellow, orange or even red.

10. Lviv

Lviv, one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, will especially steal the hearts of those who admire chocolate. The chocolate museum should be visited and shopping should be done. It is also worth seeing the architecture in this city, each offering a completely different view. This city, which is a bit chilly in the autumn months, will turn into an extremely hot city for a weekend getaway.

11. Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital and the only truly true city, is perfect for those looking to see the northern lights. However, the last months of autumn would be a more sensible choice for those who want to see the northern lights. In addition, Iceland’s natural beauty and hot springs can also be visited. It should not be neglected that it can be extremely cold even in autumn.




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