Top 5 Historic Castles of Croatia

With their magnificent appearance, castles are among the most interesting structures that history has inherited. The Adriatic country, Croatia, is one of the countries hosting many historical castles. Among these castles, we have determined 5 castles that stand out with their views, interesting stories and magnificent views. During your visits to Croatia, you can visit these magnificent castles that have witnessed history and have a chance to learn their stories more closely.

1. Pazin Castle, Istria

Pazin is the administrative capital of the Istria region in northern Croatia. Pazin Castle, one of the most important structures of the city, is one of the most remarkable and best preserved Medieval castles in Croatia. The castle, whose history dates back to 938, came under the control of various empires, including the Austrian Habsburgs in 1374 and Venetians in 1508.

For centuries, it served as a government center, prison, defense fortress, and festival center. Istrian bells, farm vehicles, musical instruments and historical clothing are exhibited in Pazin Castle, located on the 130-meter cliff on the banks of the Pazincica River. The historical castle was also the subject of Jule Verne’s book Mathias Sandorf.

2. Stari Grad Castle, Hvar

It is located in the city of Varazdin, called “Little Vienna” in the northwest of Croatia. The castle, which has a fascinating beauty with its white color, is the shining star of the town of Varazdin. This medieval castle built in the 12th century was reorganized in the 14th and 16th centuries and turned into a Renaissance style castle.

Varazdin Castle, which has been the residence of aristocratic families throughout history, is located on the site of Stari Grad, which is under protection by Unesco. A 10-day festival is held in August in the city of Varazdin, which hosts the castle. Varazdin Castle is one of the focal points of the festival.

3. Bezanec Castle, Valentinovo

Built at the end of the 17th century, the castle rises above the Village of Valentinovo. Despite being devastated in the Second World War, Bezanec Castle, which is considered as one of the masterpieces of classism, was restored and started to serve as a hotel. The halls of Kale-hotel are decorated with classic style furniture and antique decors. Inside the castle, there is a restaurant specializing in traditional Croatian cuisine. Surrounded by a magnificent garden, the castle is one of the places frequented by Croatian celebrities.

 4. Veliki Tabor Castle, Zagreb

Veliki Tabor Castle is located in the northwest of Zagreb. The castle, which has late gothic, Renaissance and baroque features, is a 12th century building. The castle reached its beauty with the 5-corner tower built in the 16th century. Located on a magnificent hill 333 meters above sea level, this historical castle was used for fortification against invasions.

One of the legends about the castle is that Prince Hermann’s son Count Friedrich and a poor village girl named Veronika were punished by Prince Herman for his love. It is said that the female skull in the work done in the castle belongs to Veronika.

Veliki Tabor Castle also hosts various events. Tabor Film Festival is organized in June and various entertainment, concerts, fencing and congresses are organized at other times. There is also a museum where you can get comprehensive information about how the castle was used in the past centuries.

5. Trakoscan Castle, Varazdin

It is located in Varazdin, northern Croatia. The place where the castle is located has a breathtaking view. It was built at the end of the 13th century to follow the road to the Bednja Valley. The castle, which has a fairy-tale appearance with its stone walls and red tiled roofs, includes 19th century furniture, age-old weapons, tapestries and portraits. One of the favorite spots for tourists, the castle has an artificial lake integrated with magnificent walking trails, exotic trees and extraordinary scenery.



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