Unknown Interesting Facts About Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the most important cities in Europe with its museums, palaces, street arts and vibrant nightlife. The city, which has a very rich architecture, has become one of the pioneers of modern urbanism after its stormy history. Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building are among the most important historical buildings. Let’s take a look at the interesting aspects of Berlin.

1. Underground City

Did you know that Berlin’s gold is also an underground city? The underground city of an organization called Berliner Untewelt is one of the extraordinary places that visitors do not know much with its architecture, cemeteries, museum, shelters, tunnels. It can be really interesting to join private guided tours organized to the underground city.

2. Devil Mountain

Teufelsberg is the highest hill in Berlin with a height of 115 meters. The interesting feature of this hill, which is called “Devil Mountain”, is that it is raised with rubble from the second world war. A tower was built on this hill, which was used as a military base during the cold war years. This hill, under which the war years Berlin lies, has become a place where various sports activities and events are organized.

3. The Most Interesting Hotel in the World

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin is one of the most interesting hotels in the world. The 45 rooms in the hotel are prepared with different and very interesting concepts. Coffin room, torture room, inverse room, cell room, barn room are some of them. It may be interesting to decide which of the hotel rooms you are most comfortable with, such as a coffin-like or suspended in the air, crime scene strips, resembling a prison cell or equipped with torture devices and stay overnight.

4. Treasure Hunters Venue

There is a rural excursion area called ”66 Lake Road” around Berlin. This area, which has 66 lakes, really big and small, is one of the attraction centers for cyclists and trekking enthusiasts. However, the main reason that makes the rural excursion a center of attraction is that it is also a cemetery of war remains. Due to the presence of aircraft scraps, old weapons, war materials and burials in excavations, it has become one of the places frequented by treasure hunters.

5. Pink Pipes

Did you know that Berlin, one of the most important centers of modern urbanism, was once a swamp? These pink-colored pipes on the streets and streets in Berlin were built for the evacuation of underground waters during the reconstruction of the city. In order to prevent image pollution, they painted ugly discharge pipes in pink.

6. Free Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the best orchestras in the world. You can watch this orchestra for free for 40 minutes during lunchtime concerts in the philharmonic hall located near Potsdamer Platz on Tuesdays.


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