The 6 Most Famous Streets to Shop in Europe

When we go abroad, we love to visit and see new places. We look at the tastes of local food and meet new people. We also love shopping. Shopping abroad is something that makes you very happy. Although it is difficult to try to close the suitcase on the way back, you should go to these shopping centers. Here are the famous streets of Europe where you can shop:


In Minsk, the capital of Belarus, there is the famous Nezavisimosti Street. Nezavisimosti, one of the largest streets in Europe, has a total length of 15 kilometers and consists of 5 square meters. There are 11 metro stops on the street. Nezavisimosti is also home to the most popular cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. This street, which is the heart of Minsk, is alive for 24 hours.

In 1802, the foundations of this avenue were laid. It is even said that the street was built by German soldiers who had lost World War II. The city has changed its name since its inception. But finally in 2005, it took the name Nezavisimosti.


Ku’damm Street, whose real name is Kurfürstendamm, is one of the famous streets in Berlin with a length of 3.5 kilometers. There are 3 metro stops on the street for easy transportation. The street is very famous for its shopping shops. When you start to visit Kudamm, a mall called Kadewe welcomes you. A large shopping center. There are various kinds of stores inside. When you continue to walk on the street you will see the big shops.

On Kudamm Street you will find shops such as Zara, C&A, H&M, Lacoste and Burberry. In addition, there are many important structures around. Some of these places are the Berlin Zoological Garden, the Gedächtnis church, the musical theater Theater des Westens and the Europa-Center.


The road from the Catholic church Santissima Trinita to the Spanish Steps in Rome has a worldwide reputation as a shopping street. On the street there are luxury shops like Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Prada, Dior, Burberry and Michael Kors. Especially the street is a favorite of the rich society. When you go to Rome to visit the Spanish stairs, we recommend you to stroll on this street. At times you may find that these shops are closed at certain times. This street, world-renowned singer Madonna and former US President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama came to the agenda with the closure of stores here and the news came from shopping. Perhaps you will also make a trip to these famous names.


Vaci Utca, one of Budapest’s most vibrant streets, has survived from the 18th century to the present. Although it is a very old street, the buildings on the street were built in the 19 and 20s. Vaci means street in Hungarian language. So it can be said here as Utca Street. There is a shop on the street wherever you look. There are shops ranging from jewelery stores like Swarovsk to clothing stores like H&M.


There is a magnificent shopping street in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Mariahilfer Strabe is one of the biggest shopping streets in Vienna. This is a very long street. It hosts both important places to visit and a variety of shops. Along the way, you will come across shops like Pull & Bear, H&M, C&A and Mango. You’ll also come across stores you’ve never heard of before. In addition to shopping there are many cafes and restaurants. These places also sit and taste the most delicious dishes of Viennese cuisine.


When it comes to Milan, fashion and shopping come to mind. The city has a famous shopping street. But the most famous is Via Monte Napoleone. This street is home to many luxury shops. You can see luxury shops like Gucci, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabanna and Prada. Even the employees of the stores here dress very luxuriously. Yes, a very well-dressed welcome team walks in as they enter. The prices are very expensive, but the shops are great fun to visit.

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