15 Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

As the weather cools down and autumn leaves its place for the winter months, the excitement of the new year is slowly beginning to experience. Several weeks before the New Year comes, various colorful Christmas markets are set up in Europe, full of festivities. Every Christmas market is trying to keep the color and culture alive. Europe’s Best Christmas Markets for those who want to see new places and join the glittering entertainment.

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1. Nuremberg – Germany

Christkindlesmarkt, the world-famous of Nuremberg, is also the country’s most popular Christmas Market. It is very pleasant to meet people walking around the city streets with hot wine, shopping at the giant Christmas Market, and eating Lebkuchen, a kind of gingerbread cake. The glitter and gleam of the surroundings are so spectacular that it makes you feel that even the cold weather is a pleasure. Merry-go-rounds, concerts, a festival area all around; definitely worth a visit.

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2. Stockholm – Sweden

The Christmas Market in the historic district is a visual feast, as is Stockholm’s oldest Christmas market. The market has been established in the main square (Stortorget) for more than a hundred years without any interruption. After completing the Swedish handicrafts exchange, visitors also have the chance to suppress their hunger with local flavors such as pepparkakor (pepper cookies), saffransbullar (saffron bun), and glögg (hot wine).

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3. London – United Kingdom

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas Market in Hyde Park. London isn’t just Winter Wonderland, of course. The whole city is in glorious glitter. Not to mention that this wonderful Christmas Market in London is an ice rink, it is a good opportunity for those who want to ice skate. Fish and chips, an English classic after ice skating, go well. Winter Wonderland, which will make you feel the Christmas spirit, can also be very crowded; my advice is to go during the daytime during the week.

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4. Brussels – Belgium

It is possible to say that the Brussels Christmas Market, which consists of approximately 240 wooden huts, is spread over a large area. Although most looms sell similar craft products and Christmas ornaments, many countries are represented in this market. The main attraction here is the traditional Belgian food: waffles, donuts, free mussels, caracole…

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5. Prague – Czech Republic

Although there are many Christmas markets in the city, we think that the best is established right in the heart of the historic district. Handcrafted wooden toys, handmade jewelry, candles, and crystals sold in huts that are decorated in color around a giant Christmas tree… By the way, we recommend you try moving, also known as honey wine.

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6. Madrid – Spain

Madrid Anas’s main Christmas market is set in La Plaza Mayor, the city’s main square. It fills the large Plaza Mayor with shimmering lights, Christmas music, and great scents. Established for more than a century, this market is famous for the birth of Jesus, who decorates the front shelves of wooden huts and counters in the square.

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7. Basel – Switzerland

Switzerland’s most exciting Christmas market is located in Basel. The established Christmas markets turn the Christmas Market and Barfüsserplatz square into a carnival. With its 190 booths, it presents many products related to handicrafts and cities to visitors. The Christmas Market also offers great concerts under the pine trees.

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8. Paris – France

The largest Christmas market in Paris is set up in La Defense. I would say that La Defense is one of the richest markets in food and beverage, hence it is quite a delicious Christmas Market. You can find a gift according to your taste in beautiful huts prepared with great care. In addition, to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in Paris, you can walk on the Champs-Elysées, which is specially illuminated from mid-November to early January, and look at the gorgeous interior of the Galeries Lafayette; You can also see the showcases of multi-story shops such as Printemps, Le Bon Marché and BVH.

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9. Tallinn – Estonia

The Tallinn Christmas market, which is the newest in Europe for Christmas markets, is located in Estonia. It is set in the middle of the medieval Old Town, on the Gothic Town Hall Square. You can find colorful felt hats, painted glassware, sheepskin covers, wooden lamps, and puppets on the market stalls. You can also try spicy sausage, sauerkraut, and traditional macaroon, and gingerbread.

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10. Copenhagen – Denmark

Like all European cities, Copenhagen is brilliant during Christmas. The famous Christmas market in Copenhagen is established every year at the famous Tivoli Amusement Park. The park, which is famous for its entertainment tents, concert areas, and restaurants, is getting ready for the Christmas market in November. You can also skate on the ice rink, shop, or have a snack. You can taste the Frikadeller, a type of meatballs typical of Danish cuisine, or the famous open-top sandwich Smorrebrod.

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11. Budapest – Hungary

Budapest can be an excellent experience for those who are not deceived by the cold, although Christmas time is quite cold. Also, the Christmas markets are extremely colorful and chirping. At the Vörösmarty tér’s Christmas market, you can taste local cuisine with gypsy music, test Palinka with traditional drinks, and rejoice with the cross-dance. Hot wine is served by women in local clothing filled with huge green cauldrons. You can buy covers, porcelain, and wooden souvenirs from Budapest Christmas markets.

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12. Strasbourg – France

Known as the capital of Europe, Strasbourg is also the capital of Christmas with its unique Christmas markets. Dating back to the 16th century, France’s oldest Christmas market is now the largest market in the whole city, Broglie and Place de la Cathédrale, on the medieval square in front of Strasbourg’s elegant Gothic Cathedral. Strasbourg Christmas lights, decorations, and gigantic pine trees used in Christmas time take on a completely different mood.

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13. Riga – Latvia

The main Christmas market in the Latvian capital is like a children’s fairy tale. Set in the cathedral square in the heart of Riga this historic center, this market is full of wonderful surprises for all tastes. Don’t forget to look at the proprietary candlesticks made of Latvian wood and an incredible variety of amber ornaments.

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14. Vienna – Austria

Vienna has one of the most important Christmas markets in Europe. The most famous Christmas markets that attract thousands of tourists every year are the Wiener Christkindlmarkt in front of the Town Hall. There are more than 140 looms here. Traditional miniature wooden houses and toys, puppets, and heart-shaped gingerbread from souvenirs to leather goods and wool hats are sold as souvenirs. Roasted hazelnuts and Punsch can be found on the stands in Vienna’s streets.

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15. Sibiu – Romania

Located in the mountainous Romanian town of Sibiu, the Christmas market has gained a reputation as one of Romania’s most vibrant markets. You can sample other Transylvanian-Hungarian delicacies such as gingerbread, cone-shaped cakes, and sweet bread in this beautiful market, which has a pleasant and snowy Christmas market between three rows of mountains.

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