Barcelona’s Most Famous 7 Night Clubs

If you are planning a solid night entertainment in Barcelona, one of the most free-spirited cities in the world, the countless alternatives you may encounter may be a little confusing. We researched the most prominent night clubs of Barcelona in order to make the right decision.

1. Cat Walk

One of Barcelona’s most famous clubs, Cat Walk is one of the best ways to touch the city’s nightlife. In Cat Walk, which is one of the most preferred places for locals as well as tourists visiting the city, you can spend the early hours of the night with DJ performances upstairs and watch the special shows organized downstairs later.

2. Sidecar

Sidecar has a fun concept like Clup Apolo. You can have fun until midnight in the concert hall that welcomes the most famous metal bands of the city after you fill your stomach in the ground floor restaurant, and dance until the morning on the club floor, which starts to get active after midnight. In addition to the weekend parties, Sidecar is also famous for its classical Tuesday parties with its name.

3. Clup Apolo

Who doesn’t want to be in many night clubs at the same time. Although this idea seems to be against the basic physics rules, Clup Apollo is very close to realizing the impossible. In Clup Apolo, which provides service with several different rooms, if your goal is to listen to electronic music, you should choose the main hall. In other rooms, hip-hop, rock, jazz and various live music shows are presented in different concepts. If it’s your job, either go to the room you want to be that night or walk all the rooms until the first hours of the morning.

4. Marula

You can find almost every type of music you are looking for in Marula on different days of the week. In Marula, where pop, jazz, funk, rap and many other music types are presented with live performances, you can witness the blending of all these music types with electronic music and dance until the first hours of the morning.

5. La Terraza

La Terraza, which has become one of the most popular venues of the city, especially in the summer months, often hosts the performances of popular domestic and foreign DJs. One of the most attractive features of the place, which is generally open until the first hours of the morning, is the magnificent terrace part. The crazy entertainments that last until the first hours of the morning take on a romantic atmosphere on the terrace as the sun begins to show its face. In La Terraza, which is closed on Mondays, if there is an announced party or event, you should not neglect the online reservation.

6. City Hall

The venue, which is located at the most central point of Barcelona, is literally the best known address for crazy entertainment. In general, you can experience two different types of electronic music on two floors of City Hole, where entertainment begins after midnight. City Hole, which is on your right side without entering La Rambla Street, is also famous for frequent after parties.

7. Cdlc Club

CDLC, which is known by the abbreviation of Carpe Diem Lounge Club, is one of the places that those who want to spend a stylish and expensive night in Barcelona can choose peacefully. Unlike loud and hard music, you can have fun at CDLC, which is more sophisticated in terms of lighting and more soft sounds are preferred, at VIP lodges. In order to sit in these lodges, you will have to open bottles of 100 – 150 drinks.

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