7 Mysterious European Islands

If you’re looking for an even more interesting island adventure after the Balearic Islands, Tenerife, then look no further! We have chosen the pearl-like hidden islands of Europe that you can easily access and that you have not heard of before.

1. Poros, Greece

Poros, a small island in the Saronic Gulf of Greece, is a popular destination for local tourists. On the island, you can visit the Lemon Forests on a hill with more than 30,000 lemon and orange trees, and relax in peace on the beach. Although Poros is a quiet island in general, it hosts many cafes where you can have a pleasant time when it gets dark and taverns where you can meet the local culture.

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2. Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, 90 km from the beautiful Baltic coast of mainland Sweden, is Sweden’s largest island, but still rarely seen by tourists. Its capital, Visby, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the rest of the island has a national park and 100 natural reserves.

Trekking, horse riding and cycling are among the activities that can be done in Gotland, which is perfect for those who love to travel in nature. Gotland is also beautiful to make history buffs happy with its 100 medieval churches and prehistoric sites.

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3. Holy Isle, Scotland

Holy Isle, which can be reached by a short journey from the Arran region on the west coast of Scotland, is now almost a spiritual retreat. Visitors usually come to the island for a day or two, stroll around and practice meditation and yoga for spiritual peace, or even attend one of the “lucid dreams and awareness” courses. To go to the Holy Isle, you can fly to Glasgow or Prestwick and take a train from there. Or if you are in a hurry to meditate, you can even hire a helicopter!

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4. Traena, Norway

A fertile vegetation reigns in Traena, which is 65 km off the coast of Norway and fascinates those who see it with its steep peaks. On the island, which owes its popularity to Trenafestiva, every year, artists from all over the world perform in very interesting scenes (one of them is a cave).

Going to Treana can be a bit difficult. You can first fly to Bodo and then reach the island after a six-hour cruise. But you can be sure that it will definitely be worth it, as you will receive a warm welcome from the island locals, taste gourmet dishes from the best chefs and be in a truly impressive island setting.

5. Bozcaada, Turkey

Bozcaada, formerly known as Tenedos, stretching along the calm Aegean waters, is a true Turkish delight with its small hills, wonderful bays, lavender fields, wineries and cobbled streets. An exceptional place where you can enjoy life and always taste a glass of delicious wine, while the islanders play backgammon in the shade. To reach this wonderful paradise, all you need to do is fly from Istanbul to Canakkale and take a ferry from there.

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6. Elba, Italy

Elba Island, 10 km from the Italian mainland, forms part of the Archipelago Toscano National Park. Although it is the third largest island in Italy after Sicily and Sardinia, it cannot be said that it is well known by holidaymakers. Being a part of Tuscany region, the island fascinates visitors with its historical richness, beaches, mountains and forests. In the unique nature of Elba, activities such as windsurfing, water skiing, diving, climbing and mountain biking await you.

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7. Comino, Malta

Comino, which is a very small island, offers a peaceful and isolated holiday option. Its population is only four (yes, only 4!) The car-free island is a paradise for divers, windsurfers and hikers. Comino’s most precious treasure is definitely the Blue Lagoon. This lagoon, which is located in a secluded bay and has deep blue water, almost salutes the Maldives with its white sands.

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