Gotthard Panorama Express Switzerland

Starting from Lugano or Bellinzona, the journey takes passengers from the south of the Mediterranean to the heart of Switzerland.From Lucerne, you pass Rütliwiese, Schillerstein, Tell’s Chapel and other historic sites in primitive Switzerland. The historic Gotthard route from Flüelen takes you to Lugano, where the southern air and “la Dolce Vita” await you.On the way, the Wassen church can be seen from three different angles; It became world famous thanks to its bold railroad layout with many loop tunnels.

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Gotthard Panorama Express combines two of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland – Central Switzerland with its dramatic mountains and magnificent lake, which contrasts with the Italian Lake Maggiore feel. This particular route is unique when traveling by both water and rail.You can enjoy lunch while wandering along Lake Lucerne by watching the wonderful view on a refurbished paddle steamer or elegant MS Diamant. When you switch to the railroad section of the journey, you will have a glorious view that most travelers no longer see.

The total travel time for Gotthard Panorama Express is about 5 and a half hours. The lake part of your journey between Luzern and Flüelen is about 2 hours and 40 minutes. There are a few minutes to transfer from the boat to the train, then the railway section between Flüelen and Lugano is about 2 and a half hours.

Gotthard Panorama Express route: Lucerne – Flüelen – St. Gotthard – Bellinzona – Lugano

Gotthard Panorama Express is the most enjoyable journey with its lake and railway, with many views you can enjoy while watching the diverse but always beautiful view.Surrounded by beautiful forested hills and overlooking an impressive mountain view in the south, it is a wonderful holiday village thanks to its magnificent location on the lake. Lucerne was an important historical intersection, as can be seen in the fascinating buildings of the Old City, including the Chapel Bridge and the nine-tower ancient city wall.

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