5 Great Places to Visit in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most attractive capitals of Europe. It is very difficult to express why Madrid is attractive in a few words. Madrid has a fascinating beauty. Let’s get to know the capital of Spain more closely with our list of places to visit in Madrid that we have prepared for you.

1. Gran Via

Gran Via is one of the most important attractions for tourists visiting Madrid. Madrid’s most elegant shops are located on this street. The street is one of Madrid’s most important entertainment centers. There are many bars, cinemas and theaters on the street.

Some of Madrid’s best restaurants are on Gran Via. On the other hand, some of the most remarkable structures of 20th century architecture in Madrid are on this street. The Metropolis building, which is an office building, will attract the attention of architectural enthusiasts.

2. Museo Nacional Del Prado

Prado Museum is the most important museum in Spain. Prado, which is among the few museums of the world in terms of collection, is one of the most important places on the list of places to visit in Madrid for those who are interested in fine arts.

Approximately 3 million people visit the Prado Museum every year. The reason for being among the most popular museums of the world is its rich collection. In the museum, you can see the works of the world famous artists Goya and Velázquez. The museum was built in 1819 by the King of Spain III. Ferdinand and his wife, Queen María Isabel, were opened at the order of Braganza to show the world values of Spain to the world.

3. Puerta Del Sol

Puerta del Sol square is considered the heart of the city. “Puerta del Sol” means “sun gate”. The reason for this name is given to the square is that it is a door to the east of the old city center. At that time, the name was given to the square because the sun was born through this gate facing the east.

The Puerta del Sol, created in the 15th century, was the city’s gateway to the east at that time. After the opening of the square, a lively trade life started in the square. Merchants who wanted to sell something to those who came and went to the city enabled the square to move.The most famous statue of the city is located in “El Oso y el Madrono”, that is, “Bear and Strawberry Tree” in Puerta del Sol. In this sculpture made by sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé, the bear and fruit tree that has been on the emblem of Madrid for centuries are depicted.

4. Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is one of the most important centers of Madrid. Plaza Mayor, which has been one of the important meeting points of Madrid people throughout history, is on the list of most visitors to Madrid today. Founded in the 17th century and the first name of which is “Plaza del Arraba”, Plaza Mayor has become one of the most important trade centers of Madrid. At the same time, important events such as courts, public executions and coronation ceremonies took place in Plaza del Mayor. You can take a breath in the cafes around Plaza del Mayor and watch the view of the square.

5. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Football enthusiasts should not leave Madrid without seeing the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, one of the most important football shrines in the world. Together with Barcelona FC, Real Madrid’s home Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, one of Spain’s most important football clubs, was opened in 1947 under the name “Estadio Chamartín”. The name of the stadium was changed to “Santiago Bernabéu Stadium” as a homage to Santiago Bernabéu, the legendary head of the club by the Real Madrid administration in 1955.



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