The 7 Cleanest Cities In The World

The rapid development of technology makes our lives easier, but this rapid development has a price. In particular, problems such as air pollution and global warming that reduce the quality of life of all living things on Earth do not fall from the agenda of organizations such as the World Health Organization.

As the number of cars, factories, and big cities increases, so does the emission of carbon gas that is damaging to nature. The increase in carbon gas brings air pollution. Especially the increase in population density in big cities and the development of industry decreases the amount of oxygen. Here are the cleanest cities with the desire to breathe deeply.

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1. Capital Of Culture (Helsinki – Finland)

Most of the cleanest cities in the world are located in the European continent. The air of the Scandinavian countries is immaculate! Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is also among the clean cities. Helsinki, which hosts many social and cultural activities, takes great care to preserve its lush nature and deep blue seas.

Helsinki, also known as the White City of the North because of its architecture concentrating on light-colored granite stones, is one of the destinations where you can enjoy an enjoyable holiday while enjoying high oxygen.

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2. The Colored City Of The Viking (Reykjavik – Iceland)

We have mentioned that you should visit Northern European countries for air clean cities of the world. Reykjavik, Iceland’s charming city, can be added to your route with peace of mind because Reykjavik air is always at the top of the list of clean cities. It’s easy to get an idea of how clean the air is from the bird’s eye view of the city! Because almost all the houses in the city are low-rise and have a garden.

As you walk through the streets of Reykjavik, you constantly pass under the trees, through the gardens! Reykjavik is a beautiful place to be a role model in the construction of modern cities that do not harm nature. Reykjavik’s fresh air gives you therapy to your lungs, while the sympathetic streets help you relax.

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3. Historical City That Must See Every Travel (Cork – Ireland)

This time we’re going to Ireland for clean air. Cork is one of Ireland’s largest and most populous cities with its historical texture, streets waiting to be discovered, and architectural works creating a visual feast. Cork, also known as the ‘city of bridges’, looks quite likable with its colorful houses lined up on both sides of the Lee River.

At the banks of the Lee River, you can enjoy the unique views by filling the air with fresh air into your lungs. Get to know the Irish culture by walking the streets of the city during your Cork tour; You can shop at the British Market, which is crowded with visitors from all over the world.

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4. Rich And Clean City (Luxembourg)

Luxembourg is one of the capitals of the same name. Luxembourg, which has always been at the top of the list of the richest countries in the world, is one of the first cities that come to mind when the air is clean. It is located between Luxembourg, Alzette, and Petrusse Rivers, which attract tourists with its central location, natural beauties, and historical buildings.

These two majestic rivers not only add beauty to the city but also clear the city’s atmosphere. Luxembourg, the only city to be selected twice as the European Capital of Culture; untouched nature, immaculate air, and perfectly preserved historical texture is a must-see city.

5. Amazing Capital Of Scandinavia (Stockholm – Sweden)

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, the first known settlement of the Vikings. Stockholm is famous for its historical buildings and natural beauties. The canals of Lake Malaren extend into the city and come together with colorful buildings to create an aesthetic appearance.

Stockholm, which has conquered the hearts of tourists with its clean air, delicious fish, and peaceful daily life, is one of the most important stops of cultural tours organized to get to know Northern Europe and Vikings. Don’t forget to visit the famous Stockholm museums while filling your lungs with oxygen!

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6. Enjoy Oxygen From Alp Mountains (Zurich – Switzerland)

As soon as you step into Zurich you will realize how fresh and clean the air is! In the background of the Swiss capital Zurich, the snow-capped Alpine mountains not only offer a spectacular view but also change the mood of the city! With its cobbled streets, triangular roofed buildings, and medieval church towers, Zurich is situated on Lake Zurich, which is reminiscent of fairy tales.

Not to mention Zurich’s legendary chocolates, which provide visitors with feasts of delicious food! Zurich’s oxygen-rich air can make you hungry. You; sausage, wine, and chocolate while enjoying the lungs of the Alps will enjoy the oxygen blowing!

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7. Oxygen Banquet In The World’s Most Happy Country (Copenhagen – Denmark)

Copenhagen, the number one in the world’s happiest countries, is the capital of the Nordic country, Denmark. The biggest factor in Copenhagen’s clean air is that people prefer bicycles instead of motor vehicles. According to statistics, the people of Copenhagen travel about one and a half million kilometers a day by bicycle. This length corresponds to almost thirty times around the world, you’ve heard wrong, almost thirty times!

Who wouldn’t be happy in a city where there is no traffic and cars do not cause air pollution? Cycling along the Nyhavn Canal passing through the middle of the city, socializing with the happiest people in the world, taking photos in the magnificent view of the cruise bridge passing over the canal are the activities that can attract the attention of every traveler.

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