European Capitals Famous for Rivers

Sometimes the rippled rivers make huge seas and oceans unable. These rivers make the city it passes in such a beautiful way that neither the sea nor the ocean is needed. We would like to introduce you to the European capitals, which are beautiful with the rivers that pass, as well as all the values it has;

1. Prag, Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is among the most aesthetic cities in the world. Described by most travelers as the most beautiful city in Europe, this city owes its famous beauty to the Vltava River that passes through it. While the Charles Bridge, known as the most romantic bridge in the world, and the Prague Castle, which is legendary with its splendor, is made, every detail of the architecture is planned with the Vltava River in mind.

2. London, England

If we use the phrase “everything of London” for the River Thames, we would not be exaggerated. Most of the beauties to be seen in London are located on the banks of the River Thames passing through the city. Big Ben, London Eye and London Bridge, which have become the symbols of London, are the most known of these beauties.

3. Budapest, Hungary

We move to another capital city, which is beautiful with the river that passes without moving away from Central Europe. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has been the subject of poetry for hundreds of songs, adding beauty to its beauty with the Danube River passing through it. The Danube River, which divides the city into two as Buddha and Pest, is the best way to experience Budapest by boats with historical buildings on one side and natural beauties on the other. For those who have the opportunity to look at the city from the top, we can easily say that the view to the city is the Danube River, although the description is not possible with words.

4. Paris, France

Nobody knows how important the famous Eiffel Tower is for Paris, the most romantic city of Europe. The river where it is located right next to this world famous city landmark is the Sen River. The Sen River, which plays a leading role with the Eiffel Tower in almost every activity you will do to spend a romantic evening in the city, is one of the most preferred spots of the city by the boat tours it hosts.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Established on the estuary formed by the Tejo River, Lisbon is perhaps among the most beautiful cities in the world for this reason. It is undoubtedly the Tejo River that owes the beauty of this city that has a coast to the Atlantic Ocean. The river, which has a very aesthetic appearance with its stationary and wide width, combines with the city’s brightly shining structures and emerges as a must-see Portuguese capital.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Famous for its bridges and canals, Amsterdam is among the most beautiful capitals of Europe with the Amstel River, where its bridges and channels owe its existence. The river, which divides the Red Light District, the world-famous street of the city, which attracts the most tourists, is also the host of the channel tours, the most important tourism activity of the city.

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