7 Things You Must Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been fascinating travel lovers for years with its epic language channels, special museums, legendary night life and many more details that will not end with counting. Amsterdam is one of the most favorite international holiday destinations for travelers, due to its close proximity and easy access. So much so that even weekend getaways are being made to this city. We have brought together things that should not be returned without making it in Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful cities in the world for you;


You can get information about fashion, food, entertainment and many other things in the museum, where you can get information about the history and culture of the city from Antiquity to today with many videos and graphics besides the Amsterdam Museum, the artworks it contains. You can find the opportunity to touch the art life of Amsterdam with a constantly changing exhibition traffic in the museum. The museum, which has two entrances and two exits, serves between 10.00 – 17.00.


Historic Dam Square is undoubtedly the most important point of Amsterdam. This square, which can be considered as the heart of the city, is the benchmark to be used to reach many other attraction centers of the city. This square, where you can not get enough of watching the giant and historical cathedrals, is a center in the literal sense of the word, as it is the home of almost every show and celebration besides its structural beauty. There is no doubt that your road will occur frequently during your Amsterdam trip.


One of the topics that Amsterdam is the most ambitious is the ability to offer you many shelters to escape from boring and stressful city life. You can find large parks covered with green in many points of the city and you can spend as much time as you want. The most popular and most preferred of these parks, where you can feel the peace in your pores, is Vondelpark.

Vondelpark is one of the special spots where you can find yourself listening to Amsterdam while exploring Amsterdam with its magnificent walking and cycling path, wide grass for reaching and reading books, and spacious areas where you can even have a picnic.


Wherever you are in Amsterdam, you are likely to encounter a market with something that will interest you. Waterlooplein is one of the most famous markets where city residents have the opportunity to meet the most after night clubs. There is something to attract your attention in Waterlooplein, which is famous for its wide range of products.

Albert Cuyp, which has 250 stalls and is one of the largest markets in Europe with this feature, Noordermarkt, one of the most well-known addresses of organic food and beverage, and Spui, where art and literature meet with the public, are some of your other alternative markets.


One of the best things to do in Amsterdam, famous for its waterways and canals, is to join a boat tour. Never forget that this is the best way to discover watercourses and world-famous channels. In open and closed boats, choosing the one you want according to the weather and exploring the city over a stream will provide you with great emotions. In addition to exploring canals and waterways during the tour, you will have the chance to photograph famous Amsterdam houses with hundreds of years of history from a magnificent angle.


Anne Frank, Amsterdam’s small but international symbol, is another must-see. Anne Frank, who had been hiding in an office with her family for 2 years during the Nazi invasion, logged her two husbands here independently from the outside world.

Anne Frank, who was captured at the end of 2 years and died in the concentration camp with her family, spent 2 years and is used as a museum today. In the museum, where the diary kept by Anne Frank and the items used for 2 years are exhibited, you will have the chance to learn the story with videos.


The world-famous tourist spot of Amsterdam, Red Light District; This street, named after its red illumination, is the only center of entertainment in Amsterdam. In this street, which has many coffeshops, bars and sex clubs around, you can experience a serious culture shock if you have no idea what you will encounter before.

It is recommended that you get information from the tourism information office or your guide before exploring this street, where personal preferences for traveling are at the forefront and determinant.

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