Basic Information About Canada


Canada is the northernmost of the North American continent. It has an area of 9,984,670 square kilometers. It is the second largest country in the world in terms of total area and the fourth largest country in the world in terms of soil. The country, which is known for its natural beauties and vast lands, is compared to its neighboring United States economically and technologically. However, the people of the country are more dependent on the British heritage. Founded with immigrants from Britain and France, the country carries the traces of both geographies.

Aboriginal natives lived in Canada until the 15th century. With the colonization that started as of the 15th century, the country started to take its name and shape today. According to self-report surveys, 80 percent of Canadian citizens come from Europe, 14 percent from Asia and 5 percent from Aboriginal origin.

Canada, with a surface area of approximately 10 million square meters, consists of 10 states and 3 regions. Located in the southeast of the Ontario ghost, the city of Ottawa is the country’s capital. Ottawa is also the fourth largest city in Canada.

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