Top 13 Cities in the World for Christmas Celebrations

Very little to the most loved and highly anticipated time of the year. Maybe some of you have already made the Christmas plan. Yeah, right, going to another country during the New Year’s time can grow in our eyes, but don’t you think the idea of entering the new year in a completely different country for once? If yes, we will talk about the most beautiful cities to spend the New Year.

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1. New York – USA

Every year millions of people flock to New York, Times Square to greet the New Year. They are not unfair, because the famous New Year’s Ball, which is covered with thousands of crystal triangles and light, is a lot of fun. New York is also an art city. Check out the programs of the Metropolitan Opera and Broadway musicals for the New Year week. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Miley’s famous stars like the concerts should not be forgotten!

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2. Berlin – Germany

Europe’s largest outdoor Christmas party takes place every year in Berlin. Join the millions of people who meet here, and be prepared for the nightlife of famous bands and DJs at the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate is one of the main sights in Berlin. At the same time, Berlin is a fascinating city with its boundless creative energy, bold architecture rising through historic buildings and museums, a modern and unconditional bohemian spirit.

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3. Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

After the famous Rio Carnival, the city’s second-largest event is, of course, celebrations on New Year’s Eve. Every year, nearly two million visitors flock to Copacabana Beach in Rio, where they can enjoy live music and fireworks while enjoying the sea. Since the Brazilians believe that white dressing will bring good luck to them on New Year’s Eve, almost everyone is dressed in white at the beach! After hours of entertainment all day long, when the hours show at midnight, the fireworks from the boats illuminate the sky.

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4. Sydney – Australia

Australia is one of the first countries in the world to welcome the New Year. If you want to be one of the first to celebrate the new year and enter the new year with exquisite fireworks, Australia is for you! As it is one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year, spectacular fireworks in Sydney take place near the Sydney Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney beaches are filled with people who want to see them every year. To watch Christmas shows in Australia, you can choose Fort Denison Island, Blues Point Reverse, or Mary Booth Reserve.

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5. Madrid – Spain

Tens of thousands of Madrid residents gather in front of the clock on Puerto del Sol Square at New Year’s Eve. We don’t know if you can participate in the local rituals, but you can gather at Gran Via, one of the city’s most famous streets, and watch the spectacular fireworks and have fun until morning!

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6. Paris – France

Paris is a city that can be preferred in every season and every season without saying new year, spring, summer, or winter, and this time of year is very romantic. The Eiffel Tower and the River Seine are two of the romantic-lover stops. Whether you’re watching the glamorous light shows at the Eiffel Tower, or enter the new year with songs and dances, accompanied by Parisian champagne at the street party on the Champs-Elysees.

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7. Reykjavik – Iceland

Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, cannot compete with cities like New York and Berlin on the number of people at Christmas, but the colorful fireworks show no difference. Moreover, the northern lights, one of the most impressive natural events, may appear in the background. It will be a different experience for you to participate in the New Year celebrations in Iceland, where you can see spectacular views by taking a nature holiday.

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8. Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the cities that welcome the New Year with street parties. It is possible to come across a party on almost every street in the city. But if you want bigger, more organized entertainment, you’ll want to turn your route to squares like Dam, Rembrandtplein, Nieuwmarkt, and Museumplein. Watch the fireworks over the city bridges, and after the shows, head to one of the numerous nightclubs in Amsterdam for fun until the morning.

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9. London – United Kingdom

London is one of the first cities that come to mind when it comes to New Year and Christmas celebrations. The number of activities to be held in the New Year’s time is quite high in London, where the Christmas spirit is the most beautiful and every corner of the streets is covered with separate decorations. The best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve is the banks of the River Thames. Here you can watch the breathtaking light shows in and around the London Eye, where thousands of people attend.

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10. Rome – Italy

Rome is also frequented by tourists during the New Year. Italy is generally preferred during spring-summer, but it is brilliant during this time of year. Seeing the huge New Year tree in Piazza Venezia and watching church concerts that take place at Christmas time are just a few of the activities you can do. Another activity that you can do in New Year’s time in Rome is ice skating! It is possible to rent skates on the ice rink in front of Castel Sant’Angelo.

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11. Cape Town – South Africa

Entering the new year in summer, not with snow and jackets, can be quite a different experience. For those looking for an alternative route in the New Year, Cape Town is a lot of fun and definitely a very different choice. There’s a ton of reasons to go to Cape Town at New Year’s time! The first of these is the summer season in December due to its location in the Southern Hemisphere. Cape Town is the number one choice for those who don’t like winter months and want to throw themselves into the heat during the winter.

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12. Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is a romantic city and the huge Christmas tree on the Old Town Square and the Christmas markets surrounding it are just two of the reasons for going there. If you’re heading for Prague in the new year, make sure to visit the Franz Kafka Museum across the river after the Charles Bridge and pick up a glass of hot wine from the delicious pastry shop next to the museum. Don’t forget to eat Trdelník’, the delicious dessert of Prague, while you go all the way to Prague.

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13. Brugge – Belgium

Brugge is one of the most romantic towns in Europe. Brugge in Belgium is famous for its medieval architecture. Brugge, with its old stone houses, waffle-scented streets, Venetian canals, and delicious chocolate shops, will be perfect for those seeking a romantic and nostalgic Christmas route. At Christmas time, as in any European country, the streets in Brugge are sparkling and full of Christmas markets. Brugge is the right place for those who want to get away from the crowded cities, walk the streets covered with canals, enjoy the canal tour and enjoy the chocolate and waffles.

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