The 6 Most Interesting Bubble Hotels in the World

The “Bubble Hotel”, one of the travel trends of recent years, seems to increase its popularity these days when social isolation is very important. I think the best part of this concept, which is popular with its transparent balloon-shaped rooms, is that it can be shaped according to every fashion and every taste.

Whether you choose a peaceful balloon hotel where you can be alone with nature or choose a gastronomically rich region, taste a different meal every day.How about having a dream-like holiday where you can fall asleep by dreaming in a balloon illuminated by the stars, wake up with the first lights of the sun and bird chirps? Here are some of the few bubble hotels in the world where you can spend a few dreamy days.

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1. Finn Lough’s Bubble Domes, Northern Ireland

If you are looking for a bubble hotel where you can be alone or with your friend in the magnificent nature of Ireland, you can give Finn Lough’s Bubble Domes a chance. Finn Lough’s Bubble Domes, where you can sleep looking at the stars, take pleasant walks by the lake, fish, and experience water sports, invites you to take a journey to the heart of peace.

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2. Campera Hotel Burbuja, Mexico

Campera Hotel, surrounded by vineyards, is one of the favorite destinations of gastronomy lovers. If you go to Campera Hotel Burbuja, you can both taste the wines produced in the region and try different flavors that will add many innovations to your taste in the very special restaurants in the area.

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3. The Millon Star Hotel, Iceland

The Million Star Hotel promises one of the most unforgettable holidays to its guests, especially in winter. As you know, Iceland is one of the countries where you can see the northern lights, which I can call a riot of colors in the sky.

If you are lucky, when you go to The Millon Star Hotel, you can watch the northern lights painting the sky green while lying on your warm bed. Don’t worry if you can’t catch the northern lights. You see, Iceland, which is always snowy, will surprise you and when you wake up in the morning it turns white, who knows…

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4. Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Spain

You can feel yourself in a fairy tale while staying at Hotel Aire de Bardenas, which gives you the feeling of being in the middle of eternity. If you want to fall asleep in the moonlight, wake up by watching the sunrise after the windmills, in short, to experience a completely different holiday experience, I would like to give Hotel Aire de Bardenas a chance, which is located at a point between Barcelona and Madrid.

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5. Attrap Reves Balloon Hotel, France

Located in the south of France, in Marseille’s Allauch Region, Attrap Reves Balloon Hotel is one of the limited numbers of balloon hotels in the world. At Attrap Reves, you can enjoy the water and the sun at the poolside during the day or take nature walks in the forest. If you are lucky, you may come across a magnificent sunset in the sky where a thousand and one shades of red will accompany you while staying at Attrap Reves Hotel.

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6. SunCity Camp, Jordan

SunCity Camp, located in the middle of the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan, invites you to stay in the fascinating landscape of desert life. Believe it, watching the sunrise and set after the endless sand is a completely different experience. Although the rooms of SunCity Camp are not completely transparent, they are designed so that you can enjoy the desert view. If you too want to live the desert life for a short time, observe the life of Bedouins, and experience an unusual holiday experience, I would say give Suncity Camp a chance.

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