15 Most Beautiful Photography Museums in the World

If photography is more than a simple frame for you, if you are excited to see a professional camera and you are in favor of doing cultural activities on your trip abroad, you are in the right place! Leave aside the photo editor and photo combiner apps of your smartphone, here are the most beautiful photo museums in the world!

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1. Fotografiska – Stockholm, Sweden

Opened in 2010 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, Fotografiska has become a popular destination for tourists visiting the city. This interesting photography museum in Stockholm’s cool district, Södermalm, is a must-see in Stockholm due to its location.

The museum, which overlooks the sea from the top and is located against the view of Stockholm, hosts art lovers who are interested in photography, especially in the field of contemporary art. Four large exhibitions are held annually in the museum, which is a red-tiled old industrial building dating back to 1906 and is spread over a wide area.

For those who want to take a break and relax while visiting the museum, there is a cafe in the museum where you can drink coffee against the magnificent view of Stockholm.

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2. ICP – New York, USA

There are lots of places to see in New York, but for those related to photography, there is one more place to go. If you want to take a quiet break from the city’s movement, you can visit the International Center of Photography.

Moreover, this museum is located in a very central place, on 6th Avenue! This museum, which has hosted the world’s most famous photographers and can be called the busiest crossroad of photography, deserves to be included in your list of places to visit in New York.

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3. MOPA – San Diego, USA

The Photography Arts Museum offers its visitors more than 7 thousand works by 850 photographers with its permanent exhibition. The museum, which started operating in 1983, also hosts 8 large exhibitions per year.

It is possible to visit one of America’s largest photo book libraries at the MOPA museum. The San Diego Museum of Photography Arts, which has an interactive museology concept, promises a special experience to its visitors.

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4. Fotomuseum – Rotterdam, Netherlands

The photography museum located on the edge of the Maas river is among the places to see in Rotterdam. It would be appropriate to say that the visual memory of the Netherlands lives in the Fotomuseum. After you finish your museum tour, you can choose the photos you want from the collection and print them in the museum shop.

Although Amsterdam is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a Dutch holiday, Rotterdam is not a city to be ignored. We recommend that you plan a beautiful tour of the Netherlands and visit Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well as the stunning Keukenhof flower gardens.

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5. MoCP – Chicago, USA

Chicago, which is one of the must-see cities in the United States, also fascinates photographers. The Museum of Contemporary Museum, founded by Columbia College in 1976, hosts photography enthusiasts from all over the world.

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6. The Photographers’ Gallery – London, UK

London museums and art centers are world-renowned; As such, the art of photography is also important. If you are going on a London holiday, you will visit the British Museum and the National Museum, and you may also want to see The Photographers’ Gallery, which houses London’s largest selection of photographs.

London Photography Museum, opened in 1971, consists of an enormous photo archive spread over 3 floors. We highly recommend it to those who want to see British history and culture closer.

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7. MMP + – Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech Photography and Visual Arts Museum opened its doors to art lovers in 2013. You can add a new one to your list of places to visit in Morocco, which offers a magical travel experience with its culture and geography.

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8. FOAM – Amsterdam, Netherlands

With its minimal interior design, high ceiling, and bright, spacious halls, the Amsterdam Photography Museum, which is a part of the Amsterdam Museum, is a frequent destination for contemporary photography fans. Although most of the places to see in Amsterdam are museums, this is also a stop to be visited during your Amsterdam trip.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions in the museum, more than one temporary exhibition is held every year. You can look at the annual exhibition schedule and consider making your vacation schedule accordingly, especially if there is a photographer you like.

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9. MEP – Paris, France

If you say you have finished visiting the Louvre Museum, another place to see in Paris is the European Museum of Photography. In the museum, whose French name is Maison Européenne de la Photographie, you can see old classics and discover young talents.

You can even feel like an artist while wandering around the streets of Paris, which we can call an important center of art. At least you can take beautiful photos to share from your own social media account!

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10. Gallery of Photography – Dublin, Ireland

Established in 1978, the museum is also known as Ireland’s most comprehensive photography museum. Let’s share important information for those who want to explore Dublin and other cities of Ireland: The Republic of Ireland, which is a country separate from the UK, is not entered with a UK visa. Even if you have a UK visa, you must make a separate application for an Irish visa.

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11. Suomen Valokuvataiteen Museo – Helsinki, Finland

3.7 million photographs and negatives are preserved in this inspiring place, which is the Finnish Photography Museum. The museum, where many different themed exhibitions are held every year, both hosts exhibitions on Finnish history and culture, and also hosts exhibitions on current world problems and daily life.

“Is art for art or for society?” The museum, where you can see the frames where the question will appear in your mind, has been welcoming its visitors since 1969.

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12. BX – Belfast Exposed, Northern Ireland

When it comes to contemporary photography and therefore contemporary art, the first address that comes to mind in Northern Ireland is BX, namely “Belfast Exposed”. You will find beautiful contemporary photography works in the museum, as well as the opportunity to do research in the part called the reading room. You can spend a whole day in this museum, which will be loved by those interested in art.

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13. ACP – Paddington, Australia

Having Australia’s largest portfolio, ACP is shown as one of the most important visual arts museums in the country. The Australian Photography Center, which started its exhibition life as an independent gallery in 1973, has achieved an important place over the years.

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14. MUFOCO – Milan, Italy

This time we are going to Italy, the cradle of art. Photography is not lagging behind other branches of art in Italy, which has become a homeland for humanism. MUFOCO, the Contemporary Photography Museum in Milan, is a more recently established place than others. Although it is new, you can put MUFOCO, which has become an important center with its more than 2 million photo archives, among the must-see places in Milan.

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15. TOP Museum – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Museum of Photography Arts is Japan’s only museum dedicated solely to photography. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions are also held in the museum, where works of Japanese photographers are mostly exhibited. If you have a plan to make a Japan tour, you can add another one to the places to visit in Tokyo.

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