France Travel Guide : 10 Things to Do in France

France Travel Guide

Being one of the countries that attract the most tourists in the world, France is not only an art and cultural center of Europe, but also one of its industrial giants. The country is also known for its sporty achievements. Apart from these? France is also one of the most rooted countries in Europe historically. When all these factors come together, it is understood why France is the favorite of travelers. There is so much to discover here that even life is not enough to get to know the country completely.

Where is France?

where is france

Located in Western Europe, France stretches along the North Sea coast and borders Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Andorra, Belgium, Spain, and Monaco. France, which shares the English channel shores with the UK, is connected to England with an underwater tunnel of 50.45 km in total. The tunnel gets its name from the English Channel: The English Channel Tunnel.

What is France like?

France is not just about Paris. Although the country’s capital is also the most popular destination in terms of tourism, there are many places to see in France. Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Cote D’Azur (French Riviera), Mont Saint-Michel, Loire Valley, Biarritz…

English is widely spoken in France, but only in tourist destinations. So you can communicate in English like in Paris. In other regions, French is dominant. The French prefer to communicate in French even with travelers, as they attach great importance to their language and culture.

Paris is the most important stop in places to visit in France. This is the most cosmopolitan place in the country and it will definitely be a more comfortable trip for you, especially if you are going to fly abroad for the first time.

Short Information About France

Let’s summarize the basic information about France. Such practical information is always useful before traveling.


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Things To Do in France

Paris, the city of romanticism, will be the city that will take the most time during your trip to France. You ask why? Because the places to visit in Paris are so many that a few days are not enough for this place.

This country, which is located in the south of the Mediterranean, also enables sea holidays. Of course, while there are so many historical and cultural places to see in France, it may sound surprising to have a sea holiday; but especially the French Riviera (better known as Cote D’Azur) deserves to be explored with its enchanting sea and seaside towns. Another city that must be seen in France in Marseille. Where else should he visit? Famous for its football team, Lyon is also a city of flavor.

1. Watch Paris Through the Eiffel Tower

Among the things to do in Paris, the Eiffel Tower trip comes first. It may look a bit too touristy and ordinary, but we recommend everyone visiting Paris to experience this event once. When you are on the top of the tower, Paris is laid under your feet and you can capture amazing photo frames here. To reach the top of the 324-meter tall tower, 1665 steps must be reached, but of course, elevators are also serving.

 2. Take a Museum and Cathedral Tour

France is a museum and cathedral country. The Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous religious buildings in the world, the Louvre Museum, one of the best museums in the world, and the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière in Lyon, are among the top places in the country. You can also browse the list below for cathedrals.

  • Reims Cathedral
  • Chartres Cathedral
  • Amiens cathedral
  • Rouen Cathedral
  • Beauvais Cathedral

3. Discover the Famous Castles of France

France, one of the magnificent countries of the Middle Ages, is very famous for its castles. These magnificent buildings of ancient times can now be used as hotels or museums. You can easily get lost in the layers of time as you wander around the castles, which have witnessed many historical events and fascinated people with their size and workmanship. In addition to the castles, one of the most famous palaces in the world is located in France: the Palace of Versailles. We will examine the Palace of Versailles, which is also used as a museum today, under a separate title.


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4. Meet the French Cowboys

If you think cowboy is something unique to Americans, you are wrong because there are cowboys in France. Camargue region, famous for its horses, is a settlement center built on salt plains. This beautiful region where flamingos stroll and cowboys riding white horses can be seen around is famous for its farms. If you are looking for something alternative to do in France, this place is definitely worth seeing.

 5. A Falez View in Normandy

Famous for its cliffs, Etretat is one of the peaceful coastal towns of France. In this holiday town, which can be reached with a travel of about 2.5 hours from Paris, so beautiful sea views will welcome you that when you are in the blue, you will think about settling in this seaside town. If you go in the summer, you can enjoy the sea here.

6. Experience French Cuisine in Lyon

Flowing water stops when French cuisine is said. There is an incredible gourmet culture in this country where the most famous chefs of world history come out. In France, the center of everything can be Paris, but we can say that the center of the kitchen is Lyon.

7. Witness History in Lascaux Caves

In the south of France, there is a place where the oldest cave paintings in world history are located: Lascaux. Lascaux Caves, discovered by 4 children in 1940, are decorated with cave paintings dating back to 13000 BC. Today, only archaeologists are allowed to enter the cave paintings in order not to be damaged. Tourists can visit the imitation cave which is designed exactly.

8. See the Fascinating Beauty of the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles, which has a garden that can be called in one word, is decorated with mini kiosks and was built in the 14th Louis period: Palace of Versailles. This palace, which is a symbol of the French aristocracy, is also the place where the French Revolution started.

9. Enjoy the Sea, Sand, and Sun on Corsica Island

One of the most beautiful places to swim in France is Corsica Island, located in the southeast of the country and neighboring Italy. Corsica, which was a pirate island in ancient times, is today a tourism paradise. If you are planning to take a sea vacation in France, the fourth largest island of the Mediterranean is waiting for you!

10. Stroll in Vineyards in Bordeaux

Grapes grown in Bordeaux, France have a global reputation. Strolling around Bordeaux vineyards is perhaps the sweetest of the things you can do in France. It is very likely that you think of yourself in a French movie while wandering through vast vineyards …

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