5 Countries in the World with the Most Beautiful Women

Some countries are generally known for their beautiful women or handsome men. Along with the relative nature of the concept of beauty and handsome, one of the unquestionably agreed upon by many people is the beautiful girls and handsome men of some countries. We searched the countries with the most beautiful women and the most handsome men.

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1. Brazil

“Why are so many women models Brazilian?” The answer to the question is hidden in this title; because they have genes for it. There is no doubt that Brazilians are one of the most ethnically mixed nations in the world. This ethnic diversity causes such a combination in Brazilian women that almost the most beautiful women in the world come from this country.

It is almost guaranteed that you will meet a Brazilian woman at any fashion show or at the promotional stands of world-famous fairs. Therefore, it is quite possible to say that Brazilian women are the most beautiful women in the world.

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2. Russia

Russia is the country with the most beautiful women per square meter after Brazil. Did you know that the Moscow metro is actually not complicated at all, and what is confused are minds having trouble focusing on signs? Beautiful women in Russia are not only found in cities. With Irina Shayk, who has been discovered in the most remote corners of Siberia and managed to sit on the world agenda, and with thousands like her, Russia is second on our list.

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3. Slovakia

The idea that blond, blue-eyed and tall women are the most admired women by men, is widespread today. Although women with these characteristics are thought to be mostly in Sweden, the numbers show Slovakia. Representing a style adorned with their natural beauty, Slovak women do not make any effort to attract the attention of men.

4. Sweden

The beauty of Swedish women, who are in the fourth place, one click behind Slovakia, has also been registered by the authorities. It is no coincidence that the winner of the first two Miss World competitions belongs to Sweden. Being educated and sophisticated style of Swedish women, who are quite beautiful, is not overlooked as a critical detail.

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5. Venezuela

Did you know that Venezuela is the country that earns the most in competitions like Miss World and Miss Universe? Beauty is such an important concept for Venezuela that all the public, including men, consider female beauty to be a source of national identity and national pride. What good things people think sometimes.

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