The World Most Famous Fountains

Beautiful fountains with symbolic sculptural compositions adorn thousands of cities, but each has its own unique feature. Some fountains have gained worldwide fame. All of the non-standard scales were clearly evaluated for the original design or the presence of unique functions.

Walking next to one of these fountains and feeling the freshness of the spray is the dream of millions of tourists who are ready towards the end of the world for its fulfillment. Lucky, magnificent fountains for such brave travelers can be found in the most diverse countries of the world, and each of them is unique.We have compiled for you the most beautiful fountain architecture that will impress you in many parts of the world …

1. Water Boat Fountain, Valencia, Spain

Located in Playa de la Malvarrosa in Valencia, Spain, this sculpture fountain, known as the Water Boat Fountain (or Spanish, Fuente del Barco de Agua), reveals the art of sailing along with water jets. It surprises everyone with its simple design that mimics the appearance of a sailboat, which is nothing more than a few rods. Besides Spain, there are water boat fountains in Portugal and Israel.

2. Unisphere Fountain, New York, USA

One of the largest and symbolic fountains in the world is located in New York. It is the Unisphere Fountain in Meadows-Corona Park, which was opened on the occasion of the 1964-1965 World Exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was quite interesting and it was ‘the world according to understanding’, so the large model of the world was chosen as the main ornament of the fountain. The world globe symbolizes the global context and is the largest globe in the world.

3. Osaka Station Fountain – Clock, Osaka, Japan

It is not enough to explain how fascinating the water fountain at Osaka City Station in Japan is. The attraction monument located in the South Gate Building of the New Osaka Station City Complex; It consists of a water fountain that creates a digital timing that activates flower patterns and falling shapes on the collapsing water wall.

Designed by Koei Industry, a local company in Okasa, this fountain works digitally with a printer that allows the images stored on the computer to be reproduced with great care and creating water droplet patterns. Droplets of water are illuminated with lights from above.

4. Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City, Singapore

There is a world-famous fountain of wealth in the Suntec City region. Every day, hundreds of people come to the fountain to perform the symbolic ritual. They wandered around the central part of the fountain, took their hands into the water, and thought of the desire for longing. Thousands of people around the world claim that they have fulfilled their dreams after this ritual.

The fountain is part of the Suntec City trade center and was established in 1995, especially for the prosperity and development of the center. It was built according to Feng Shui rules, which caused the unusual form of the fountain. According to the laws of Feng Shui, the inland water movement symbolizes the enrichment process.

5. Banpo Bridge, Seoul, South Korea

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain (Moonlight, Rainbow Fountain); It is the longest bridge fountain in the world that carries the Guinness World Record, with 190 tons of water per minute, 1,140 m length, approximately 10,000 lamps operating on both sides. Built on the Banpo Bridge in September 2009, this bridge fountain will beautify the city and show that Seoul is environmentally friendly.

6. Dubai Fountains, United Arab Emirates

Next to the Burj Khalifa Tower in the artificial lake in Dubai, an incredibly beautiful light and music spring fountain was built, designed by the best experts of the American WET company. Fountain is one of the longest and longest varieties in the world. Its length reaches 275 meters, and the height of the rays reaches 150 meters. Added 6,600 directional lights to illuminate the fountain.

The fountain was opened in 2009. Complex design fountains can be easily removed from 83 tons of water, and illuminating beams can be seen at a distance of more than 30 km. The accompanying music of the fountain includes dozens of songs.The structure of the fountain is that the water flow creates thousands of different combinations and the show is unique every 30 minutes.

7. The Mustangs of Las Colinas, Texas, USA

Mustangs of Las Colinas is the bronze statue of Robert Glen adorning Williams Square in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas. Although Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland has been the largest confirmed equestrian statue, this work in Las Colinas is said to be the world’s largest equestrian statue. The statue resembles historic wild horses living in much of Texas.

The fountain, which runs along a water channel, gives water effects splashed by the hooves of the animal in the water. This work was aimed to represent the entrepreneurial and free lifestyle of the horses, which formed the basis of the state during the days when horses were pioneers. The fountain was founded in 1984.

8. Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

The Old Trevi Fountain is one of the most important symbols of Rome and is known far from Italy. It is true that traditions are formed here to throw a coin in fountains. In recent years, the daily ‘income’ of the famous fountain is about 3,000 Euros – many tourists who want to return to Rome will visit Trevi every day. Trevi is probably one of the most beautiful fountains in the world and is decorated with an extremely interesting sculptural composition.

9. King Fahd Fountain, Saudi Arabia

The beautiful fountain in Jeddah, which was opened in 1983 in honor of King Fahd and opened in 1983, threw the water jet at a height of 120 meters and was considered the highest fountain in the world in 1983. Two years later, the fountain was modernized and the height of the water jet reached 312 meters, still thanks to new world-class mechanical structures. The large fountain was chosen in the name of King Fahd bin Abdulaziz.

10. Magic Tap Fountain, Cadiz, Spain

This “Magic Tap” is located in Aqualand in Cadiz. At first glance, although the faucet in the fountain seems to be blowing up, it is possible to see the presence of a pipe hidden in the flow of water when examined sooner. Even though we know that, it still looks very cool!

11. Charybdis Fountain, Sunderland, England

Charybdis was created in 2000 by the water sculptor William Pye at the luxurious Seaham Hotel and Spa near Sunderland in Northern England. Charybdis is the name of a mermaid mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. That mermaid was turned into a vortex by Zeus as a harsh punishment for stolen Hercules’ ox. After this work, William was influenced by this story and built other similar sculptures in Oman and Campinas, Brazil.

12. Giant – Swarovski Kristallwelten, Wattens, Austria

Swarovski Crystal Worlds is a museum located in Wattens, Austria. The museum was established in 1995 as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Austrian-based crystal company Swarovski. Crystal Worlds Center; It welcomes its guests with a huge head surrounded by grass with a fountain.

13. Nine Floating Fountains, Osaka, Japan

Nine Floating Fountains is the World’s Fair creation of Japanese American artist and landscape architect Isamu Noguchi in 1970 in Osaka, Japan. These amazing fountains seem to be flying, and even though these fountains were built 40 years ago, the view is still fascinating.

14. Archibald Fountain, Sydney, Australia

The unique fountain is located in Sydney, Australia’s wonderful city. This fountain was opened in 1932 and was considered the most famous fountain in Australia. Its main characteristic is the symbolic sculptural composition. There are three ancient god statues in the middle of the composition; Apollos, Theseus and Diana. The composition symbolizes the relationship between Australia and France, which occurred during the First World War.

15. The Divers Fountain, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This amazing fountain is located in The Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates, with a length of 24 meters. The waterfall, decorated with glass fiberglass sculptures of divers and exceeding four floors of the interior shopping area, was designed by Singapore-based DPA Architects and opened in 2009.

16. Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas, United States

Bellagio Fountains is a distinctive masterpiece of the experts of the WET company. Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas are located on the territory of the name hotel of the same name. These fountains were built on artificial Lake Como, covering an area of 3.2 hectares. The light and music shows on Lake Como are also unique and wonderful. Many tourists prefer to watch them only in the evening.

The maximum power of the fountain is so high that the water sprayer can swing to a height of 140 meters, so you can watch the water draw from afar. The beautiful Bellagio fountains are one of the city’s most famous landmarks and are among the most striking places in the world.

17. Hercules Waterfall Monument, Kassel, Germany

The water features and Hercules in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe are a monumental Baroque and Romantic garden view. The striking Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, has been described by the art historian Georg Dehio as “the most magnificent achievement of the Baroque style of architecture and landscape”.

Water descends from the Giant statue of Hercules, passing a water-wheel-powered organ, various fountains, waterfalls, basins and grottoes.It is an impressive sight especially in the summer evenings with the huge Big Fountain, cascades and Hercules figure illuminated.

18. Pineapple Fountain, Charleston, South Carolina

Opened in 1990, Charleston Waterfront Park is opposite the ocean on a sea wall in a magnificent location, overlooking both Ravenel Bridge and Forts Sumter and Pinckney. The most important feature of the park is the Pineapple Fountain.Ananas Fountain was designed by design firm Sasaki by Stu Dawson, Jay Faber, Varoujan Hagopian and Mark Dawson.

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