The Best Gifts You Can Get From Italy

With its unique historical sites, natural beauties, architectural texture, and delicious cuisine, where the Renaissance began, Italy is a place everyone wants to go and see. When you travel to this happy land where friendly people live, your days will be intertwined with history, art, and cuisine.

Italy, the homeland of world-famous pizza, pasta, and tiramisu, has many options for shopping lovers. Italy is also the center of famous designers who shape the world’s fashion. There are many gifts to choose from to remind you of your trip to Italy on your way back to your country. You can buy magnets and keychains for your friends, from delicious pasta and sauces to your family members. Also, handcrafted souvenirs look very attractive here. We have compiled the souvenir options you can buy from Italy for you.

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1. Leather Products, Tuscany

If you happen to be in Florence, which is considered the center of the Tuscany region, we strongly recommend that you return home with leather products. Since the 13th century, it is known that people have been making a living with leatherwork.

You can buy leather jackets, leather belts, leather bags, and wallets with beautiful and different designs from boutiques in Florence. You can use these products made of genuine leather for many years. You should definitely keep in mind leather products as a good gift idea for your loved ones.

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2. Ceramic Products, Sorrento

If you happen to be in Sorrento, Italy, we recommend you to visit Vietri Sul Mare. Here you can find the world’s rarest ceramic products. You should definitely buy the tiles, ceramic plates, and vases that the locals call Majolika. Embellished with patterns and motifs unique to the Mediterranean culture, these ceramics are a candidate to be the favorite of your girlfriends.

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3. Murano Glass

Italy has beautiful islands. Murano Island, which is close to Venice, manages to stand out from its competitors with its colorful streets and glass products. Murano, which is famous for its glasswork, has been performing this work for centuries. When you come to the island, you can witness the production of glass. You can buy bottles, glasses, cups, jewelry, pendants, chandeliers, and other ornaments from glass workshops.

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4. Silk Clothes

Lake Como, one of the most romantic places in the world, is also famous for its silk cultivation. It is known that silk has been grown in the lake and its surrounding settlements for over 400 years. When you come here, you can find beautiful silk products. It is possible to see around Como that he will choose many gifts such as silk shawls, scarves, and shirts.

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5. Wooden Puppets, Palermo

The Italian city of Palermo is an extremely interesting place with its museums, art galleries, and historical texture. The International Puppet Museum here has become one of the symbols of the city. That’s why you can often come across puppets in souvenir shops in Palermo. Puppets can be an exciting gift option for adults as well as children. If you want to buy puppets, we recommend you to visit the workshop called Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

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6. Italian Flavors

When it comes to puppets, clothes, and glassware, the most important element that adds spirit to Italy is the cuisine. One of the reasons why tourists visit this country is the legendary Italian cuisine.

There is no one who does not know the famous espresso of Italy, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to coffee culture. If you want to drink the famous Italian espresso when you come back, you should definitely add one of the coffee packages and the espresso pot called Moka pot to your suitcase.

Parmesan cheese, which adds its delicious flavor to many pasta and pizzas, is a candidate to be among the must-haves of your return suitcase, as Italians say, parmesan. You can buy packages of parmesan cheese that flavor any dish it is added to. It should not be surprising that pasta comes to mind when Italy is mentioned. There are countless varieties of Italian cuisine, especially gnocchi, farfalle, and bucatini, which are the staple pasta.

Truffle oil added to many pizzas and pasta you eat here is considered among the indispensable tastes of Italians. A rare type of mushroom, truffle oil is grown on Italian soil. You should definitely add truffle oil, which has a very rich content in terms of protein, to your return bag.

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7. Venice Masks

Venetian masks are a centuries-old Venetian tradition. Masks, which are worn today during the Venice Carnival, but used as a tool to hide the identity and social status of the wearer in the past, were used to interact with other members of the society by hiding their identity outside the boundaries of daily social life and to act more freely.

These distinctive masks, which have been adorned with paper, fur, fabric, jewelry, or feathers for centuries in Venice, had a very ostentatious design using bright colors such as gold or silver and intricate baroque decorations. Knowing the story of the Venetian mask will be very useful when choosing a mask in souvenir shops.

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