10 Interesting Facts About Belgium

Belgium attracts attention with its nostalgic cities, architecture and historical places; It is a country that is a member of the European Union. It is located in Western Europe, on the coast of the North Sea. A temperate climate prevails. While the average temperature was 3 degrees in January, it was 18 degrees in June. Let’s get to know this interesting information about Belgium that many of us will hear for the first time.

1. Belgium has 3 official languages.

3 official languages are accepted all over the country: Dutch, French and German. The west part speaks Dutch, the east part is French, and the part that borders Germany is German. Brussels is in the middle and is a kind of intersection. All these languages are spoken in Brussels, which consists of 3 separate sections.

2. Belgium’s beer, waffles, potatoes and chocolate are considered the best in the world.

Contrary to what is known, the best chocolate comes from Belgium, not from Switzerland or Germany. Chocolates made with 3 different milk in Belgium are considered to be the best in the world.

If the waffle consists only of dough and powdered sugar, we can say Belgian waffles. However, things like strawberries and chocolate can be placed on it.

In terms of potatoes, things can be mixed up a bit with France. The most varied of French fries, the original of which is “French Fries”, is again in Belgium. It is said that 10 different fried potatoes are grown in Belgium. This variety is accepted only in the world.

As for beer, German beers are considered the best, as we all know. But Belgium’s beers and varieties compete with Germany. You can find hundreds of types of beer in Belgium, where regular beer festivals are held. You can visit the Beer Museums located in almost every city and taste the most delicious beers.

3. After the Dutch, the longest men in the world live in Belgium.

Contrary to what is known, the longest paint men in the world live in Europe. Even the first 2 places have taken the Dutch race. Dutch men have an average height of 182.5 cm, while in Belgians this is 181.7 cm. In addition, although they have a white race, the skin colors of people in Belgium vary greatly. The reason for this is that they are mixed races.

4. Belgium is the capital of Erasmus exchange program!

Belgium is chosen as the most preferred Western European country for Erasmus in every education period. Welcoming thousands of students every year from China, Korea, South Africa and all European countries, Belgium is the country with the highest number of cities hosting students coming with exchange programs on a country basis.

Some of the attractive factors for students are Belgium’s recent innovations in education, its work in the international arena, its diversity in education policy and its efforts to innovate the education models it uses. In addition, the fact that it provides accommodation and transportation from most universities is a great advantage for students from other countries.

5. The world’s best music festivals are held in Belgium.

Here comes an information about Belgium for music lovers. Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, I love Techno, Boombal Festival and Dour Festival, where thousands of young people are eager to participate in Europe, are just a few of Belgium’s traditional festivals.

Also, although not a Spain, Belgium is a country that attaches great importance to local festivals.

  • Traditional Beer Festival in Brugge,
  • Light festival in Gent,
  • Tulip festival in Brussels (in August every year),
  • Food Trucks and much more take place at different times of the year.

6. The names of cities in Belgium are not always the same.

The reason for this is that Wallonia, Flemish and German sections, which are 3 different regions of the city, write the names of the cities in their own language.

For example;

  • It can appear as Brussels, Brussels or Bruxelles.
  • It is written as Brugge (Brüj), Dutch Brugge, German Brügge, French Bruges.
  • Antwerp (Antwerp) can be written on the signs in the form of Antwerpen, Antwerp or Antwerp.

7. Belgium’s place in art is more than known!

There are many films about Belgium that are shot in Belgium. The most famous of these is “in Bruges”, a movie starring Colin Farrell and you can watch Brugge in every detail. In addition, Audrey Hepburn and Jean Claude van Damme, an icon we all know in the movie industry, are two famous names born in Belgium.

The family of Ludwig van Beethoven is considered to be Belgian. It is said that even after Beethoven died, he asked for his works to be taken to Liege. Another known Victor Hugo completed his famous work in Belgium, where he was sent to exile.

8. Bicycle use is higher in Belgium than in the Netherlands.

Belgium is a very developed country in public transportation. You can arrive from one end of the country to the other without getting off the train. In fact, if you are a student, it will only cost you 5 Euros. In this way, you have many transportation options such as buses, trains, trams. It also has a toll road that travels all over the country to drive. It is known to be so long that it is said that this highway network could be seen from space.

In addition, there are bicycle paths that you can use very easily in every city of Belgium. The fact that the city is flat and the highest altitude is only 694 meters across the country shows us that the country is very suitable for bicycle use. That is why even well-dressed people in suits go to work by bicycle.

9. There are 17 different places in Belgium under UNESCO protection.

The most notable of these is Brugge, a city. The whole city is under UNESCO protection. As a result of this, they have to apply some sanctions in the city.

Belgians think it is a great advantage to be a host. However, for a Belgian living in Brugge, buying a home is a bit different and difficult compared to other places. UNESCO protects every point of Brugge and if a host even gets a doormat in front of the exterior door of his house, he has to present it to the approval of UNESCO representatives. If it fits the general look and historical texture of the city, it means that you can lay that mat in front of your house. Likewise, a host cannot decide for himself every detail, from the curtains, the color of the outer door, to the flowers in his garden. The authorities are checking for this.

Brugge is a city that has created its own rules. In fact, it can even vary depending on the states and regions of Belgium. The day of disposal of garbage in Brugge, separate garbage bags for each garbage and the color of these bags, etc. There are many different rules like. If you live in a house, general rules will accompany you inside the house.

10. Belgium is one of the countries with the highest taxes.

While reading this, we can think of prices of cars and technological devices. But the situation is different than that. If you are going to buy a car, your job is relatively easy because the car prices in Belgium are quite affordable. We can say so in the technological part. While buying a house, it can be seen with prices that are quite proportional to the salary received.

But things get a little messy when it comes to the daily part. You may have to give a salary almost to go to the doctor. In some cities in the Wallonia region, you even have to pay a certain amount of money to call an ambulance. When your tooth hurts, if you don’t have 150 Euros, you may not even see the dentist through the door.

In addition, in Belgium, which has made recycling a lifestyle, if you put a recyclable waste among other wastes, this is determined by the garbage bag taken from your home and you have a penalty.

You may have to give a house money to move the house. Because of this, you are unlikely to see brand new furniture in Belgium, because even changing household goods may be subject to a tax. In line with these, Belgium is known as the country with the highest tax rate in the world.

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