5 Places You Must Visit In Dresden

Dresden, located on the eastern border of Germany, is known as the Florence of the East with its magnificent location on the banks of the Elbe River and its world-class artistic museums. Although the city, which experienced the destruction of the World War II at the highest level, was destroyed by 80%, all the buildings soon regained their glory in the first day. 5 must-see places of Dresden;

1. Zwinger Palace

Zwinger Palace, built between 1710 and 1728, is one of the most beautiful examples of late baroque architecture in Germany. Zwinger Palace, which was greatly affected by the war like the Semper Opera, was renovated exactly like the other buildings in Dresden. Zwinger Palace, which has been used as a court and for various competitions throughout history, is home to the most important art galleries and temporary exhibitions of not only Germany but also of Europe. The structure is one of the points that should be visited step by step independently from exhibitions and galleries and discovered with the details of the historical texture.

2. Brühl’s Terrace

Brühl Terrace, also known as “The Balcony of Europe”, is one of the most preferred places by tourists due to its magnificent view of Dresden. Brühl Terrace, which sees Old Town and the Elbe River from the hill, shines in a magnificent atmosphere especially in the evening.

3. Semperoper

Built in 1841 by German Architect Gottfried Semper, Semper Opera House is among the first choices of anyone who wants to spend an unforgettable evening in Dresden. Semper Opera, located in the Theater Square, which can be considered as the heart of Dresden, draws attention with its world-famous opera, which is performed almost every day, in addition to its magnificent architecture and spectacular lighting.

4. Frauenkirche

One of the first structures that come to mind when it comes to Dresden is Frauenkirche. The building, which was built by the German architect George Baehr in the first half of the 18th century, has a very interesting story as it carries the traces of war until the 21st century. Frauenkirche, which has become a crisis as a result of the division of Germany into two and has been brought to its final form only after the merger of East Germany and West Germany, has been restored with donations collected from all over the world thanks to its feature of being a work of art.

 5. Beer Garden

In addition to its magnificent and aesthetic structures, Dresden has an idyllic beauty; He has previously stated that he owes this beauty to the Elbe River, which is right next to it. The best possible use of this advantage was thanks to the famous Beer Garden. When you sit in the Beer Garden, which consists of a large grassy area, you can watch the Old Town, which is on the right side of the river. You can even enjoy the biggest open air cinema in the world if you get the chance to be in the Beer Garden in July and September.


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