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Basic Information to Know About Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada. In addition, it is the fourth largest city in the country. Ottawa, the cultural and intellectual center of Canada, has many museums, art galleries, theaters and universities. Founded in the Ottawa Valley, on the banks of the Ottawa River, the city also houses the country’s parliament. Neighboring the Province of Quebec, Ottawa is located on the southeast end of the Province of Ontario. Another feature that distinguishes Ottawa from other cities of Canada is that there are two official languages ​​in the city. English and French are the official languages ​​of Ottawa, and you can see this bilingualism in every field. There are bilingual expressions on the shop windows, traffic signs, and billboards. English and French, which are considered equal by law, are side by side in both public and legal fields. This situation, which is not seen in other cities of Canada, is valid only for Ottawa. The mother tongue of 32% of the Ottawa population is French.

Famous for its museums and parks, Ottawa offers its visitors the most beautiful state of the art and nature. It is possible to find a different atmosphere in every corner of the city. With this feature, Ottawa manages to attract visitors of all ages and segments. Ottawa is visited by thousands of travelers every year with its dozens of works of art, lush parks and dazzling museums, where British, French and local art approaches come together. In addition to its cultural appeal, Ottawa is also the political and technological center of Canada.


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Places to Visit in Ottawa

There are many places to visit in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It is possible to find various activities to be held in the city, which welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Due to the large number of museums it contains, it is impossible to return from Ottawa, which is a land of museums, without visiting the museum. Museums in the city focus on different topics and have rich collections. There are many historical buildings worth seeing in Ottawa, which has a long history. The natural beauties of the city are also worth seeing. Founded around the Ottawa River, the city is the scene of other beauties in the winter and another in the summer. By spending three days in Ottawa, you can easily visit the must-see places.

Parliament Hill and Building

The Parliament Building, one of Ottawa’s landmarks, is located on a high hill. The hill, which is known as “The Hill”, is very close to the city center. The building, the official building of the Canadian Parliament, was built in the gothic style. The building, which is known as the center of management, is very important in the national area. It also attracts the attention of tourists due to its magnificent architecture and unique view of the hill on which it is located. Parliament Hill hosts approximately 3 million visitors every year. The area, which was used as a military base in the 18th and 19th centuries, was reserved for government affairs after Queen Victoria chose the city as the capital. It became a point representing the government in 1859. The Parliament Building has reached its present appearance with various arrangements and the addition of the Peace Tower to the structure.

If you want to visit the Parliament Hill and its building, you can start by visiting the tourist office on the hill. Tours are organized every day at different times by the tourist office. You can visit all the public parts of the building with a guide through these free tours. If you are not a very crowded group, you do not need to make a reservation. You can buy tickets by calling or visiting the office in advance. Tours are organized in English and French, the official languages ​​of the city.


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Where is Ottawa?

Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, is southeast of the State of Ontario. The city, adjacent to Quebec State, was established in the Ottawa Valley.

When to Visit Ottawa?

A typical continental climate prevails in Ottawa. There are four seasons in the city. While winters are cold and dry, summers are hot and humid. It is not very suitable for visiting as the temperature drops to -10 degrees in winter. The best months to go to Ottawa are June, July, August and September.

Where to Stay in Ottawa?

Ottawa is the central region of Canada. It is the fourth largest city in the country, especially as it is one of the cities that develop the country in commercial and economic terms. It is a city that keeps art alive at all times. The city, where you can hear French and English very much together, is located on the river bank.

There are many activities that you can visit and participate. If you travel in the summer or even towards the end of the summer, you can spend an even more colorful holiday in the most beautiful season of the city. For those who want to travel in the winter months, it is recommended to come by taking precautions against cold weather.

There are many accommodation options in the city. From the list of hotels for every budget, you can choose accommodation according to your planned itinerary and budget.

Ottawa Transportation

You can easily get to Ottawa city transportation on foot. Almost every street has special roads reserved for pedestrians. You can explore Ottawa on foot. The city is not only pedestrian-friendly but also bicycle-friendly. Bicycle routes are available from many points of the city. It also finds spots where you can rent bicycles.

If you want to reach the city by taxi, you can easily find a taxi. Moreover, if you cannot find a taxi on the streets, you can call a taxi stop and call a taxi to your location. There are bus and metro lines in the city as public transportation. No need to buy tickets for children under 11 in the subways. In buses, children under the age of 6 are not charged. You can get your metro and bus tickets from the machines in most of the stops.

Ottawa Cuisine

During your trip to Ottawa, you can find ethnic delicacies from all over the world. There are many restaurants of different cultures in the city. Byward Market and its surroundings is a district where you can find all kinds of restaurants. Famous Chinese restaurants in the city are gathered in the area between Somerset Avenue and Bronson Avenue. If you prefer Italian restaurants, you can eat many delicious Italian dishes on Carling Boulevard and Albert Street.

Among the local products you can eat in Ottawa, seafood and venison are at the top. Products such as Canadian cheese varieties, salmon, maple syrup, reindeer meat, bison meat, oyster are the main ingredients of the dishes. Saskatoon, a Canadian blackberry variety, and a region-specific fern are among the local tastes you can find in Ottawa dishes.

Nightlife in Ottawa

If your entertainment understanding is more active and contains plenty of dance, you can choose big night clubs. One of the best things about nightlife in Ottawa is its diversity. In the entertainment venues in the city, you can find bars and night clubs of any type of music you want. For example, most of the entertainment venues on the street known as Bankstown broadcast modern music. You can listen to the most up-to-date examples of world music in these venues, which are popular with young people.

In addition, there are entertainment venues that focus solely on jazz. It is possible to find many more examples like this. Ottawa entertainment venues vary not only by music genres but also by their themes or menus. There are many Far Eastern bars in the city. You can visit these bars with their Far Eastern decoration, music and drinks. If you want to spend a quiet evening and have pleasant conversations with your friends, you can visit the wine houses or small bars with live music.

Night entertainment in the city actually starts before the sun sets. Young people stretching to the grass around the Rideau Canal, people having fun in the parks in the city keep the city moving until the late hours of the night. Even walking in Ottawa nights, where the entertainment venues are bright and the streets are colorful, will give you pleasant moments.

Cultural activities in the city continue without slowing down at night. It is not possible not to come across an event according to your taste in Ottawa, which has many theaters and concert halls. You can safely stroll through the streets until late at night in Ottawa, which almost never sleeps.

Ottawa Festivals

Ottawa, where many festivals take place, is the festival capital. Some of the festivals held in Ottawa are:

1. Winter Festival (Winterlude)

Ottawali celebrates the winter season at this festival held in February. Celebrated since 1979, the festival welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Within the scope of the festival, there are equal events such as ski races, snow ball wars and ice sculpture.

2. Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival, held in May, is Canada’s largest tulip festival. Event areas, where 3 million tulips are exhibited during the festival, offer visitors a fascinating color revel.

3. Jazz Festival

During the festival, which begins in the second week of June and lasts until July, unique concerts are given by musicians from all over the world.

4. Canada Day

The event, which is the national day of Canada and where the Canadian Constitution is celebrated, is celebrated with great enthusiasm, not only in Ottawa.

5. Christmas Light Across Canada

As of December, Ottawa city center glows with colorful lights. The buildings, streets, shops, which became the symbol of the city in December, which is the harbinger of Christmas and the new year, are illuminated with flashy lights and a visual feast takes place in the city until January.

Shopping in Ottawa

The capital city of Ottawa offers every opportunity in shopping. It is possible to find shops according to every taste and need in various parts of the city. The Byward Market district in the city center is the city’s most famous shopping point. In the summer months, stalls selling fresh products and colorful flowers are set up on the streets. Even though the number of these stalls is decreasing in the winter season, you can see only a few stalls.

Sparks Street is a pedestrian street one block away from Parliament Hill. The street, which is only open to pedestrians, is ideal not only for shopping but also for seeing the city’s view. In the shops on this street, you can find Ottawa-specific tourist products such as postcards, mugs, maple syrup.

Official Language of Ottawa

The official languages of Ottawa are English and French. It is equal in both languages in the legal and public spheres.


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