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What to Know About Montreal

Montreal, Canada’s largest city after Toronto, hosts more than half the population of Quebec. It is also known as the most “European” city in North America.Just like all other parts of Canada, Montreal, which is located in a very wet and green area, has a very modern and stylish appearance due to its urbanization during the Industrial Revolution. The city, dominated by French architecture, also has the UNESCO City of Design award, which has been awarded to only 11 cities. At the same time, Montreal is a city where natural life and city life are intertwined and the environment is very well protected.

According to the census made in 2011, it has been revealed that its population is around 3.800.000. The city was established on an area of ​​43 thousand km2. It is an important port city because it connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. It has also made its name known to the world with its cultural and artistic events.

The fact that it hosts 4 universities together with McGill University, which is considered one of the best universities in the world, ensures that the city has a very young population. The people of Montreal are very friendly and helpful.The Montreal name emerged when a French sailor named Jaques Cartier named Mont-Royal, which means the royal mountain on the hill he climbs on. The name of the hill has become the name of the city after a while.

Where is Montreal?

It belongs to the state of Quebec, in southwestern Canada. It is located 190 km east of the capital city of Ottowa. In addition, the city is located at the intersection of Saint Lawrence and Ottowa streams.

Official Language of Montreal

The official language of the province of Quebec, which Montreal is affiliated with, is French, and 85 percent of people whose native language is French in Canada live in this state. Signs and announcements are generally in French. The city is also the world’s most populous French-speaking city after Paris.In Montreal, English, another official language of Canada, is also widely spoken. Only English-speaking tourists do not have difficulty in the city.

When to Go to Montreal?

Winters are very harsh, summers are very hot and occasionally rainy due to the humid black climate prevailing in Montreal. Between December and April, the city is generally under snow. In addition, the temperature can drop to around -40 degrees in winter. For this reason, it is not recommended to make touristic trips to the city in the winter months. Montreal also has an underground city for use in the cold winter months. The average temperature of the city is around 20 degrees in the summer. As the festival times coincide with the summer months, these times are generally preferred for touristic trips.

Where to Stay in Montreal?

When it comes to Canada, Montreal is one of the first cities that come to mind and is also the second biggest city of the country. The city, where you can easily travel by air and land, maintains its vitality at all hours of the day and attracts tourists from different parts of the world with its magical life. For the cultural city of Montreal, we recommend you to spend at least 3 – 4 days, to enjoy the city and visit the historical buildings to see.

If you are going to travel in winter, we recommend you to take measures against a cold and snowy season. Life is expensive across Canada, so hotel prices and expenses are more expensive than some countries. Despite its expensive life due to being a big city, Montreal offers many affordable hotel options.


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Montreal Hotels

It is the second largest city in Canada with its life spanning English and French culture. It welcomes visitors from all over the world every year with its heated gardens, its streets that look lush green for most of the year, its historical structures, as well as its financial business center. In the city where winters are very cold and snowy, summer months are dry and hot, and continental climate is seen. Therefore, we recommend those who want to go in the winter months, taking into account the weather.

Montreal Hotels Prices

It is possible to find accommodation for every budget in this well-being city. The city center houses both luxury hotels and affordable hotels and hostels. If you want to choose a luxury accommodation in Montreal; While accommodation in luxury hotels starts from 150 € – 250 € per night for standard rooms, the prices of affordable hotels are 30 € – 60 € per night for the standard room.

If you do not want to allocate a lot of budget to hotels and you can stay in shared rooms, you can choose hostels where you can stay with people from different cultures. Overnight fees of hostels vary according to the number of shared people in dormitories. It starts from 11 € – 17 € per person per night in the dormitory.


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Montreal City Transportation

Montreal has an advanced transportation system. The first thing to mention about transportation is bicycles. There are very regular bike paths in almost every part of the city, and even car owners park their cars and ride their bikes. Bicycles called ‘bixi’, which the municipality has put into service, are very convenient for tourists to visit the city. These bicycles can be rented for $ 5 a day and can be found in many places. In addition, bicycles can be rented weekly and monthly.

Public transportation in Montreal is also very easy. A metro station can be found almost everywhere, no more than 5 minutes away. For those up to 25 years old, the monthly public transport card costs $ 33 Canadian. For those over 25, the price is $ 65 Canadian. $ 2.5 Canadian is required for a one-time trip. Metro and bus services are available 24 hours a day.

Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport is the largest and the closest airport to the city. The distance between the airport and the city center is about 20 km. Public transportation is sufficient to reach the city from the airport. If you want to come by taxi, a fee of about 40 dollars will be sufficient. In addition, Aerobus buses that run around $ 15-20 and travel between the airport and the city center can be used.

Places to Visit in Montreal

Considered as the “cultural capital” of Canada, Montreal is home to many places that tourists can visit. Although it is a very modern city, many historical buildings are also located here. In fact, the high number of historical churches in the city caused the city to be given names such as “The City of One Hundred Bell Tower” and “The City of Saints”.

Although it is located in North America, it creates a European city atmosphere while traveling. We can count its culture, architecture, lifestyle and design from some factors that make this air happen. In addition, EXPO 67 and 1976 Olympics, which are considered to be the best fair organization ever organized, have had a significant impact on the development of the city.


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Montreal Nightlife

Montreal is a city where nightlife is very lively and lively at any time of the year. With its parties, festivals and clubs that last for days, it is a well-known city in this area. The most important club activities are in the Plateau district in the city center and in St. Catherine. It is located on Catherine Street. There are also many jazz clubs in the Old Montreal area for those who want to spend a quieter night.

Entertainment Venues;

  • Stereo AfterHours
  • Circus HD
  • Club La Boom
  • Lamouche Boîte de nuit
  • Copacabana
  • Club Electric Avenue
  • Le Belmont sur le Boulevard:
  • Upstairs Jazz Club
  • Maison du jazz

Shopping in Montreal

Montreal is generally an expensive city. There are many shopping malls. The best option to visit shopping malls is to go to the underground city. All shopping centers are connected here. Above ground, the most sought after area is the place called Rue Street Catherine.

Montreal Festivals

Montreal is a true art and culture paradise. More than one festival is organized in the city every month and people from all over the world participate in these festivals. Among the most important festivals in Montreal are the International Jazz Festival, the World Film Festival, the Beer Festival and the Fireworks Festival, which creates a visual feast. During the Jazz Festival, the stage is set up and concerts are held in 50 different parts of the city. Also, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is usually held in May and June, the city is very active.

Important Festivals;

  • IglooFest: January 16 – February 8
  • Barbegazi Festival: February 14-15
  • Montreal en Lumiere: February 19-March 1.
  • Montreal Turkish Film Festival: May 8 – May 14
  • Montreal International Jazz Festival: 26 June – 5 July
  • International Percussion Instruments Festival: July 3 – July 12
  • Caribbean Festival: July 4
  • Osheaga Music Festival: July 31 – August 2
  • Tango Festival: August 5 – August 10
  • Montreal World Film Festival: August 27 – September 7

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