Top 12 Rock Climbing Places in the World

Rock climbing is one of the sports that requires determination and courage. Even though the enthusiasts of this sport sometimes endanger their lives, it is not easy to give up neither the passion of adrenaline nor the pleasure of being intertwined with nature. The best part of climbing is discovering new places each time and enjoying watching the different geographies from the top. Now let’s get to know the best rock climbing places on Earth.

1. El Capitan (California – United States)

El Capitan, located in Yosemite National Park, California, is one of the most well-known rock climbers. This rock formation, 1000 meters high, has been welcoming adventurers since the 1950s.It is difficult to complete the El Capitan course, which is considered sacred by sports fans; therefore it is impossible not to respect those who succeed.

2. El Potrero Chico (Nuevo León – Mexico)

This rock wall, located several kilometers from Mexico’s National Park, is Mexico’s highest climb. Although it is 610 meters in height, it is a very challenging target with cliffs and hard rocks.El Potrero Chico, named among the top 10 rock climbing places in the world, attracts athletes from all over the world to Mexico.

3. Costa Blanca (Alicante – Spain)

Loved by all climbers, this place is also home to magnificent limestones.In the meantime you can find all climbing forms.Since it is on the shore of the sea, you can climb in the magnificent sands and climb a little high and jump into the water.It has the most beautiful natural architecture in the world in terms of diversity.

4. Mount Asgard (Baffin Island – Canada)

This 1200 meter high climbing track in Canada is famous for its James Bond films.Stunt Rick Sylvester is known to parachute from the summit of Mount Asgard in 1976, opening the British flag. The challenge with El Capitan was not to mention the majestic mountain that inspired even a film called the Asgard Project.

5. The Frankenjura (Bavaria – Germany)

This is a great place especially for beginners who are in Germany. There are over 8,000 places where you can improve yourself and there are 300 routes for beginners. There are several pubs around where you can have fun.

6.  Ulvetanna (Queen Maud Land – Antarctica)

In the midst of the White Antarctic cold, Ulvetanna is a rock that climbers admire.The giant rock, which looks like a ship with its bow out of a white desert, offers endless opportunities for those who want to climb on it.This wonders of nature, which means ‘wolf-tooth’ in Norwegian, is really tapering like a tooth.Those who want to cross the course have to review how to climb with bare hands in cold temperatures exceeding minus 25 degrees.It is undisputed that this great experience is not possible anywhere else.

7. Wharepapa South (North Island – New Zealand)

Surrounded by the wonderful nature of New Zealand, this steep rock fascinates even tourists who are not interested in sports at all. Wharepapa can be visited with more than 800 alternative routes and offers fresh air accommodation to its visitors. One thing to keep in mind is that most places are owned by farmers, so we recommend that you treat them with respect.

8. Petit Dru (Mont Blanc Mountain – France)

The summit, also called Aiguille Du Dru, takes its name from the needle and is located on the highest mountain in Europe. There are dozens of routes to go on the rock in the French Alps, but they are all dangerous. One of the most classic routes on the mountain, Bonatti Pilar, occurred a rock slip about 10 years ago and since then the rocks still fall. There are many different routes on the mountain, but the most discouraging factor is that the Chamonix valley is a bit far from the help points. When you enter your route, you will be completely alone.

9. Otter Cliff (Acadia National Park – USA)

Otter Cliff is a popular stop along the Ocean Path path in Acadia National Park. This 110-foot cliff is one of the highest coastal areas in North America and is an important point for rock climbing. If you don’t have your own equipment, there are climbing tours to suit the equipment in the area. Or if rock climbing is not your place, you can also look at the view.

10. Trango Towers (Pakistan)

One of the most difficult climbing paths in the world, maybe even the hardest. For this climb starting at 6000 meters, it is scary. Each of the routes to climb is difficult.The mountain summit, which can be approached in almost a month, is considered as one of the points where mankind comes closer to the sky.

11. Naranjo de Bulnes (Spain)

The peak in northwestern Spain is made up of limestone. The route on which this 500-meter-high climb takes place determines the degree of difficulty. The Orbayu route in Naranjo de Bulnes is considered one of the most difficult routes in the world.

12. Red River Gorge (Kentucky – United States)

The new Red River Gorge in Kentucky is an ideal choice for those who are new to climbing and cannot stand back from adventure. Here you have the chance to choose from trails that range from easy to difficult.Furthermore, since the canyon is located in the national park, there is no risk of loss or inaccessibility at the time of injury. At the end of the road to watch the sun set against a spectacular view.

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