Toronto’s Delicious Cuisine


Toronto Cuisine is not a unique culture, but it is a mixed type of world cuisines, with Italian, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Thai, Vietnamese cuisine and American fast food menus and more. The multicultural structure of the city has also had a direct impact on food and drink culture. World-renowned chefs have begun to come to the city, where the food culture has developed rapidly in recent years. Momofuku and Lisa Marie are among these quality restaurants.

The Greektown area is a suitable area for you to discover new tastes. “Pacific salmon” is a popular variety in the city, and “Poutine” is another food alternative. It is a sweet sauce that you need to try “Maple Syrup” and accompanies many desserts such as waffles, pan cakes and breakfast. You can also taste one of the types of bread called ‘Bannock’ and the cream ‘donut’. In addition to Chinese dishes, you can find Thai and Vietnamese cuisine in the Chinatown area. Ethiopiques on Church Street is a lovely family business that makes dishes from Ethiopian cuisine, where lamb is also dominant. For Pizza, Frank’s Pizza House is one of the recommended places.

Because it is located near the University of Toronto, there are affordable, tasty restaurants on College Street. The Annex Hodgepodge, which is also located around the university, is a popular location among university students. If you want to eat Mexican food in Downtown, Burrito Boyz will be the right choice. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in the Yorkville area, but these are usually expensive places that celebrities prefer. Located on Yonge Street, Ritz Caribbean makes delicious and inexpensive Jamaican food.

Popular Places

  • LaVinia Restaurant
  • Richmond station
  • 7 West Cafe
  • Scaramouche Restaurant
  • New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse

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