Hong Kong Travel Guide in 7 Steps

Hong Kong is a city full of countless riches in terms of places to visit. Hong Kong nightlife and Hong Kong hotels are world famous. It is also the favorite of tiny visitors with Hong Kong and Disneyland. When all this comes together, a wonderful holiday option emerges.

Hong Kong is an excellent Far East city where you can travel and enjoy the world of entertainment. You can step into both the shopping spree and the colorful Hong Kong nightlife here. Moreover, Hong Kong is among the countries that do not require a visa.

1. Visit Victoria Peak Hill

You should climb the Victoria Peak Hill in the afternoon. This is one of the best places to enjoy Hong Kong views. The city’s fascinating skyscraper lights and the endless Hong Kong nightlife are viewed from the most beautiful Victoria Peak hill. The landscape you will see from here actually summarizes the beauty of the Far East in one frame.

When you look down, you see the passionate crowd of one of the most beautiful and most developed cities in the world and the ships that show the point where the trade has come. When you look a little further and towards the horizon behind the mountains, you can see the endless green nature of China. For this reason, Victoria Peak is frequently visited even for many foreigners living in Hong Kong.

2. Hong Kong Nightlife

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading cities in terms of nightlife. This is actually a city that lives 24 hours a day like many big Far East cities and never sleeps. If you want to visit bars or disco-style places, your choice should be for the Lan Kwai Fong area. Here you encounter a very cosmopolitan crowd, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. Alternatively, you can visit night clubs in the Wan Chai area.

3. Visit Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park, where you can throw yourself in the middle of so many skyscrapers and cars, is filled with people who want to breathe during the day and who want to breathe. The areas to sit in Hong Kong Park, the bird species that we are almost sure you have not met before, and the lake can provide you with a few hours of peace.

4. Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road, one of the most popular and hip places in Sheung Wan district in Central Hong Kong, is also known as antique street. As you can see from its name, it is possible to find many antique and original objects here, as well as to discover a variety of restaurants and cafes.

If you are looking for some more affordable antiques and Far Eastern objects, we can recommend Upper Lascar Row, parallel to Hollywood Road. This place is also known as Cat Street and is famous for selling stolen antiques. However, everything is quite normal at the moment, you do not have a job, you can go without hesitation. Don’t forget to try the original dumpling of Man Mo Cafe while you’re gone, they are very delicious.

5. Visit the Great Buddha Statue

The Great Buddha Statue, located on the hills of Lantau Island, is shown as one of the most important symbols of Hong Kong, and tourists visiting the city definitely visit here. The locals also call it Tian Tan Buddha. In fact, this statue is part of a place of worship named Po Lin. The statue, which weighs over 250 tons, is the largest bronze sitting Buddha statue in the world. Although it was built as a place of worship and evoked calmness, this giant sculpture has turned into a tourist magnet over the years.

6. Shop in Hong Kong

You can allocate the most important place to your shopping centers in your list of places to visit in Hong Kong. Due to the shopping spree here, many floors of large centers are located underground and it is very easy to switch between them. If you are looking for affordable products and want to visit the street market, your first choice should be the famous Ladies Market. Here you can find the simple products you are looking for after a while. Also, the vendors here are usually negotiable. Let us remind you that you have numerous options for electronic shopping.

7. Hong Kong Museum of Art

Art museum enthusiasts can visit Hong Kong’s art museum. Although it is not a very large museum, we think that you will have to spend a few hours here, as you will encounter a wide range of traditional Chinese art to modern art and there are many video works. It is closed on Thursdays. Apart from that, it is open to 6 on weekdays and 7 on weekends.

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