5 Activity You Must Do in Geneva

Geneva, one of the most beautiful cities on the Swiss border, is also one of the quietest, liveliest and most expensive cities in the world. Although the European intellectual population prefers to live a significant proportion and spend long holidays, Geneva is a small city in general, but it is home to many entertaining activities and plenty of beauty to see. We have listed the things that must be done for you in Geneva;


Leman Lake and its environs are the most popular tourist destinations in Geneva. You can take part in the boat tours organized by Lake Leman which includes many activities, and you can explore Geneva and the natural beauties in these surroundings with 1-3 hours. It is possible to combine dinner with a stylish activity by participating in dinner tours organized by the same boats in the evening hours.


Even though the climate prevailing in Geneva is close to the Mediterranean climate, winter tourism is highly developed thanks to the French Alps, which are very close to the city and can even be seen from the city center. Even by city transport, crossing the border with France can reach ski resorts in the Alps and enjoy winter sports. Skiing in Geneva is available from early winter to late spring.


Geneva is a quiet city with many museums, buildings and historical sites to see. One of the best ways to explore these areas is to create hiking routes at specific points in the city. The most preferred walking route for tourists is the Port of Mont Blanc, one of the city’s most important landmarks, and the Old Town.

Strolling through the side streets in the Old Town will give you a sense of the city’s historic fabric. The Saint Pierre Church is a must-see. One of the best examples of Romanesque architecture, the church is on the top floor and offers a magnificent view of Geneva. It should never be neglected to watch Geneva.


It is possible to experience a quiet nightlife in Geneva which is in harmony with the general fabric of the city. In the city, where the culture of the club is not so widespread, there are theaters, operas and cabarets that mostly appeal to European intellectuals. It is possible to say that these activities are quite high quality and fun. Apart from these activities, those who want to extend the night a little longer can spend time in the puppies scattered throughout the city.


The consumption of seafood originating from Geneva’s geographical location and the established culinary culture is quite high. Since the city is located on the border with France, seafood is mostly prepared and consumed with French style. This makes it possible to prepare and consume very high quality seafood with much more care. Enjoy authentic Geneva dishes and fine dining with French wines at the elegant restaurants in the harbor area and at various points of the city.


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