The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Montreal

Considered as the “cultural capital” of Canada, Montreal is home to many places that tourists can visit. Although it is a very modern city, many historical buildings are also located here. In fact, the high number of historical churches in the city caused the city to be given names such as “The City of One Hundred Bell Tower” and “The City of Saints”.

Although it is located in North America, it creates a European city atmosphere while traveling. We can count its culture, architecture, lifestyle and design from some factors that make this air happen. In addition, EXPO 67 and 1976 Olympics, which are considered to be the best fair organization ever organized, have had a significant impact on the development of the city.

1. Mont-Royal Mountain

This mountain, which also gave the city its name, is one of the first places to visit when visiting Montreal. Although it is called a mountain, it is actually a hill and its three highest points are around 200 meters. Mont-Royal Park, located at the top of this place, is one of the places where tourists are most interested. The park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park in New York; It is perfect for watching the magnificent view of the city, staying alone with the wonderful nature of Canada and finding peace in the rest areas. There are also many possibilities for activities such as picnicking, ice skating, cycling.

2. Lachine Canal

Lachine Canal is one of the rivers that pass through Montreal. A boat tour is ideal for visiting this river, which offers a unique view. Traveling by bicycle or by car or even walking are other options. The forest area and lush green area around the river is one of the most sought-after tourists visiting Canada. While touring the river, you can also see the historical buildings and churches around. It takes 40 minutes by bicycle to go to the city center, which is also famous for its breakfasts.

3. Montreal Botanical Garden

Montreal is home to one of the most important botanical gardens in the world. There are 20 thematic gardens and nearly 25 thousand plant species in this huge venue. Montreal Botanical Garden, founded in 1931; It has exhibitions with huge sculptures made of plants, gardens promoting various cultures of the world, and many tree houses. The garden, which is the most important reason for a significant number of tourists to come to the city, is growing day by day.

4. Montreal Olympic Stadium

This stadium, built for the 1976 Olympic Games, has become one of the symbols of the city. Montreal Olympic Stadium, one of the most interesting buildings in the world, is also the most expensive stadium ever built. The stadium is closed with a movable roof and the height of the tail section is 175 meters.

5. Notre Dame Basilica

Notre Dame Basilica, which is within walking distance of old Montreal, is one of the most important buildings in the city. The protestant architect James O’Donell, who designed the space, decided to become Catholic after the building was completed. Its construction was completed between 1824-1829. Couples who want to get married in this unique structure with a ceiling decorated with 24-carat gold and stained glass windows should wait two years. Although the bell of the basilica now operates with an electrical system, it is said that 12 people are required to play in the past. The bell of the basilica is the biggest bell of the American continent. There are tours organized in English and French. The entrance fee is 5 Canadian Dollars.

6. Underground City Montreal

Montreal also has an underground city built to protect itself from the harsh winters that last around 5 months. This city, which is about 32 km long, is the largest underground city in the world. In the underground city, which is also connected by metro lines, there are an average of 500 thousand people during the day during winter. The city is quite crowded even in the hot summer months. There are nearly two thousand stores, dozens of shopping centers and several churches underground. In addition, some hotels are entered from this region.

7. Place Jacques Cartier

It is one of the most vibrant areas of Montreal. Starting with Montreal City Hall, which has a very impressive architecture, this road is surrounded by beautiful restaurants and historical buildings. Place Jaquis Cartier, where sidewalk cafes are also common, is one of Montreal’s important meeting places.

8. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal Fine Arts Museum, founded in 1860, is the largest and most comprehensive museum in North America. The museum, which contains the works of the most famous artists of the world, takes its main importance from the Canadian Galleries. Many of the works made by Canadian natives and by modern Canadian artists are on display here. The museum fee is 12 Canadian dollars for under 30, and 20 Canadian for those over 30.

9. Canadian Railway Museum

This museum, which is a unique place for train and railway enthusiasts, was founded in 1961. Nearly 250,000 objects and documents are exhibited in the museum. There are also opportunities such as riding steam trains and attending cultural tours in the museum.


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