World’s 10 Most Fantastic Cycling Routes

There are countless cycling routes that bring together those who prefer cycling as a means of transportation in their travels.The main joy of cycling is that in its purest form, it contains more effort than a high-yielding walkway, and is perhaps relatively pleasant. So take a bike and pedal it fast. Some cyclists prefer to pedal in natural, laborious and remote lands.

1. La Ruta de los Conquistadores (Costa Rica)

There are many things on this 270-kilometer road in Costa Rica, from the Pacific to the Caribbean coast, from muddy pathways to rain forests, from coffee fields to extinct volcanoes. The natural wonder of Costa Rica has a national park almost the size of Switzerland. The bike tour starts from the surfing area of Jaco Beach, which leads to a red muddy dirt road. Known as the La Ruta route, a climb of approximately 3,000 meters takes place. From the edge of the capital, San Jose, you can cross the summit of the extinct volcanic mountain Irazu into the Mangrove forests and head for the white sandy beaches below.

2. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

This route, which passes through Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which is known as the biggest cities of Vietnam, has a length of about 200 kilometers.The route of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which leads the lovers of nature to a dreamy adventure, provides the opportunity to see beautiful beaches and sea views from each other.

3. The Shimanami Kaido (Japan)

For cyclists, a route that runs 64 kilometers in the shade. Completely off the road, you are snaking through a series of spectacular islands in Hiroshima in the west of the country. In Japan, driving by car is more popular, but cycling is quite common. There are separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists, and despite all inclines, all of these roads are leg-friendly. Bicycles can be rented at various points along the way. Some people can complete their journey in a day, while others want to take a look at the beautiful scenery along the Seto Inland Sea.

4. Carretera General Augusto Pinochet (Chile)

The Carretera General Augusto Pinochet route, also known as Carretera Austral, is home to the most spectacular landscapes of Chile. This route, which runs over the roads of the Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region and the Los Lagos Region, is an average of 300 thousand kilometers. The starting point of this route where you will find many traces of natural life is Puerto Montt.

5. North Yungas Road (Death Road – Bolivia)

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong.Built by Paraguayan prisoners to connect the Bolivian capital, La Paz, to Corioco, the 60-kilometer trail was named for its heavy rainfall, foggy structure and barrier-free roads adjacent to the cliffs. However, every year many cyclists drive the dangerous roads there.

6. The South Downs Way (England)

This 160-kilometer route encompasses the greenest land of ups and downs you can imagine. Remember that you will pass through challenging mountains, fertile soil in the countryside of England. Cyclists pedaling up to 4,300 meters uphill to catch each other along the route. Thousands of years of walking along the South Downs Way, the vast cliffs of historic Winchester and the roads and bridges that can be reached. Not only cyclists in this area. Those who want to walk or ride horses also use this route. The most spectacular view of England is on this route.

7. Salento and Puglia (Italy)

Salento and Puglia regions, where you will have the opportunity to discover the natural and historical beauties of Italy, attract not only tourists but also bicycle enthusiasts. You will complete this route by passing through the attractive Italian cities such as Otranto, Leuca, Lecce and Gallipoli.It takes approximately 5-6 days with 40-50 kilometers of driving. The total length of this route is approximately 180-200 kilometers.

8. Route du Comte Jean (Belgium)

Route du Comte Jean, starting from the city of Bruges in Belgium and ending in the northern part of France, is one of the most popular bicycle routes in Europe.This route, bearing the name of a Fleman general, continues along the coast and mountain roads. Route du Comte Jean has a length of approximately 220 kilometers.

9. La Route Verte (Canada)

La Route Verte has a fascinating view for those who like to travel in the countryside, and is a favorite of cyclists with a road to Canada. Construction started in 1995 and the total length of 4 thousand kilometers of this route, Canada continues along the Quebec Region.La Route Verte, which stores 8 different routes in itself, is one of the routes that cyclists must try.

10. Friendship Highway (China)

The 800-kilometer road between Lhasa, the capital of the Tibetan autonomous region of China, and the border with Nepal is considered to be the most beautiful, yet gloomy journey on the planet. There are more than 5,000 meters of challenging distance in the route. If you are determined enough to witness the traces of this adventure, Lhasa and Gyantse are among the most adventurous places in the world, including challenging mountain passes such as Gampa La, Turkduza wide lake Yamdrok Yumtso and the shimmering valley.

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