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What to Know About Toronto

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, has a high standard of living, low crime; It is one of the cities that you need to visit with its clean, modern and multicultural structure. It is the capital of the state of Ontario, and is one of Canada’s English-speaking states. However, the locals of the city also speak French. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the city is also close to cities such as Montréal, Ottawa and Chicago.

Before the colonial period, two different tribes lived in the city, the Hurons and the Irokua. Later, in the 16th century, immigrants from Europe started to settle in Canada, but there was no settlement in the city of Toronto yet. Later, in the 18th century, the French used this region while trading. The British fled from the American War of Independence in the early 19th century and settled in the city. The Battle of York in 1813 was one of the important events that changed the fate of the city. Settlement has gained momentum in Toronto and has evolved to a present day. Events such as the prohibition of slavery in 1834 are important events that show Canada’s tolerant and multicultural structure. Immigrants from Africa and immigrants from Europe were able to live in harmony in the city. According to current data, more than half of the population of Toronto is immigrant.


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Where is Toronto?

Toronto, the second largest city in North America, Canada; It is the center of the state of Ontario. It is located on the shore of the Ontoria River and built on a plain formed by Don and Humber rivers in the northwest.

Toronto Currency

The currency is Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Official Language of Toronto

There are two official languages, English and French. Since it is located in a multicultural country, languages are very different and their number is increasing. Also, it can be shown that immigrants make up the majority of the city. It is a common language spoken in Chinese and Italian. There are also many different languages spoken such as Krice, Inuktitut and Ojibwe.

When to Visit Toronto?

Terrestrial climate is seen in Toronto. It has a more temperate climate compared to Canada. Temperatures generally differ a few degrees outside the city center and the city. The summer months are not too hot and temperatures rise above 30 degrees for a few days. In general, temperatures vary between 15-25 degrees in summer. In addition, there is plenty of rain and occasional storms in the summer months. Winter months are quite cold. Temperatures are mostly below 0 and snowfall is frequent. Snowfall can start in November and last until mid-April. The city can be easily visited from spring to autumn. It can be said that the most ideal period is the spring season and August-September.

How To Get To Toronto?

It is possible to reach Toronto with an average of 12 hours journeys with the flights organized by the airline companies. There are three airports in the city. In addition, it can be another form of transportation that you can prefer with its railway development.

Where to Stay in Toronto?

Toronto, the largest city in a developed country, attracts tourists from all corners of the world with its luxury and high level of living. This city, which has a terrestrial climate, is very cold and snowy in the winter months. The summer months are more mild and sometimes rainy. Whichever season you go, you can be sure that it will make you feel warm in every season. In Toronto, where you can find many languages and people from many different cultures, you can find hotels for every budget.

Toronto Hotels

Toronto is the city of Canada, which has different cultures, and which makes it live in different cultures. Toronto is a must-see city where you can come across different cultural activities in each corner, where you can meet people from many different lives. There are three airports in the city, where the continental climate is dominant. It has a highly developed transportation network in terms of both air and road.

Toronto Hotel Prices

Toronto is a city with high living conditions and a high level of welfare. Since it is the largest city in Canada, there are hotels suitable for all kinds of budgets. There are many luxury hotels especially in the city center. Each offers a variety of services to provide you with a comfortable and private stay. If you want to stay in a luxury hotel in Toronto, we can say that the prices start from an average of 200 € – 350 € for a standard room.

If you have not allocated too much budget for accommodation or do not want to exceed your budget for accommodation, you can choose one of the many affordable hotels in and around the city center. For a reliable hotel at an affordable price, the average prices for a standard room start from 55 € – 65 €. According to your budget, the hostels that offer shared rooms around the city center start from an average of 20 € per night. You can take advantage of.

Areas of Toronto

The Old Toronto area is the central area of ​​the city. This residential area, which has a common location in terms of transportation, also offers accommodation services to various budgets. Another popular area of ​​Toronto is Yorkville. Known as the rich neighborhood of the city, there are mostly luxury hotels and shops in this region. This region is well known and popular in the country as a shopping area.

The Fashion District takes its name from the fact that it was known as the past garment area. It is one of the most preferred residential areas because it is an area close to the city center and easily accessible. The Harbourfront area is the city’s lakeside area. In this residential area where luxury hotels offering comfortable holiday services with scenic rooms are mostly located; You can also find accommodation options such as luxury apartments, apartments. Etobicoke region is a preferred location for those who want to stay near the airport. You may have difficulty traveling because it is far from the city center; If you are going to Toronto for business meetings or short term, we recommend you to stay in this region near the airport.

Toronto Hotels in Old Toronto

The Old Toronto area is the city center. It also contains one of the most popular areas in the Downtown area. In this region, which is the easiest location in terms of accommodation and transportation, you can find hotels for every budget.

Yorkville District Toronto Hotels

It is a region very close to the city center. This residential area, known as the rich neighborhood of Toronto, also contains most luxury hotels. Business centers are one of the favorite places of tourists with shopping opportunities.

Fahion District Toronto Hotels

This settlement area, which used to belong to the clothing and fabric sector, gave its name here. Fashion District, which is the commercial and residential area of the city, is one of the preferred regions because it is close to the city center. There are boutique hotels and luxury hotels in particular.

Etobicoke District Toronto Hotels

It is a remote area from the city center. It is a large residential area that we can recommend if you want to stay near the airport. It is not recommended to be preferred much besides the proximity of the airport because you may have difficulty due to the distance to the city center during your travel, but if you prefer the car rental option, you can easily stay in this region.

The Harbourfront Area Toronto Hotels

The Harbourfront area is one of the districts near the city center, with easy access to the city center. It is a coastal region in the northern part of Lake Ontario. Especially luxury hotels offer accommodation in scenic rooms.

Toronto City Transportation

It is not possible to reach everywhere on foot in the big city, but since the transportation network is highly developed, you can use all public transportation alternatives such as metro, bus, tramway, and taxi and car rental options in the city.

Since it is a touristic city, there are daily, weekly and monthly tickets available. The one-way ticket price you can use for all public transportation is 3 Canadian dollars. You can provide ease of transportation by purchasing unlimited daily tickets for 10.74 Canadian dollars.

Transportation from the Airport to the City Center

There are three airports in Toronto, a large city, but Pearson International Airport is the busiest international one. Toronto City Center Airport and Buttonville Airport are other airports.

Pearson International Airport is approximately 27 km from the city center and it is possible to reach the center by bus, airport shuttle and taxi. You can reach the center from the stop points at the airport. Also, as an ideal option, you can step into the city center in approximately 45 minutes by taxi, such as 55 Canadian Dollars.

Places to Visit in Toronto

In Toronto, where you can witness many beautiful places lined along Lake Ontaria, you will have many options that can be seen and visited from skyscrapers to historical and natural areas in modern architecture. You can visit many museums in the city, visit exhibitions and galleries and participate in activities such as opera and theater.

CN Tower

CN Tower, abbreviated from Canadian National, is located in the Rogers Center area and you cannot see this tower. The 4th High tower of the world is 553 meters high and it can be seen from almost every part of the city. There are many restaurants in the tower, which has become the symbol of the city. If you want, you can have the opportunity to watch the city from the glass covered areas. You can even feel the city completely under your feet and enjoy the panoramic city view in some regions whose floor is made entirely of glass.

The construction of the tower started in 1973. It was decided to be made due to the difficulties in the transmission of radio and television broadcasts. Its construction was completed in 1976 and cost about 63 million Canadian dollars. It has been the tallest tower in the world for 34 years until 2010. Today, it is the third tallest tower after Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower. It has terraces from below, such as Glass Floor Level, Look Out Level, Sky Pod, Edgewalk respectively. In addition, 360 Revolving Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the city with its view and food.


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Toronto Cuisine

Toronto Cuisine is not a unique culture, but it is a mixed type of world cuisines, with Italian, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Thai, Vietnamese cuisine and American fast food menus and more. The multicultural structure of the city has also had a direct impact on food and drink culture. World-renowned chefs have begun to come to the city, where the food culture has developed rapidly in recent years. Momofuku and Lisa Marie are among these quality restaurants.


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Toronto Nightlife

Since Toronto is a big city, it has many activities that you can do in the evening. Since it is one of the safest cities in the world, you can easily have fun at night. From jazz bars to nightclubs, from concerts to theaters, Toronto offers a variety of opportunities to its visitors.


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Shopping in Toronto

Toronto offers visitors a lot of shopping options. You can find everything you are looking for in markets, big shopping malls and boutique shops. There are stores of luxury brands in the Yorkville area. In stores like Winners, you can find past season products at much more affordable prices. There are many shops on Yonge Street, the longest street in the world. You can browse the shops by walking along the street. Toronto Eaton Center, one of Toronto’s most popular shopping centers, is located on this street.

St. Lawrence Market is the most important market of the city and you can buy foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, delicatessen and fish from here. Antiques shops and bakeries are also available in the market. Distillery Disctrict in Downtown is an old factory with 70 shops. There are restaurants, boutique shops and art galleries in this renovated factory building. In Queen West, the second coolest neighborhood in the world by Vogue magazine, there are boutique shops as well as well-known brands. Various home decoration products and art works are sold at the gift shop in the Art Gallery of Ontario. You can find different Canadian items at Drake General Store, which has 3 shops, 2 on Yonge Street and 1 on Queen West Street.

Toronto Festivals

The city, which hosts both festivals and different organizations and national shows, is colorful, vibrant and vibrant all year round.

  • Winterlicious (January, February)
  • TIFF Kids International Film Festival (April)
  • Contact – Toronto Photography Festival (May)
  • Toronto International Film Festival (September)
  • Luminato (June)
  • Toronto Jazz Festival (June)
  • Canadian National Exhibition (August)
  • Caribana Festival
  • Rock Paper Scissors (Rock, Paper, Scissors) World championship
  • Toronto Fringe, Toronto International Environmental Film and Video Festival
  • Toronto International Tango Festival
  • We Day, Pride Week and Caribbean Festival

Public Holidays in Toronto

  • New Year (January 1)
  • Good Friday (April 22)
  • Queen’s Day (May 25)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • Regional holiday (August 1)
  • Labor Day (September 5)
  • Thanksgiving (10 October)
  • Commemorative Day (11 November)
  • Christmas Day (25 December)
  • Boxing Day (December 26)

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