Discover the Famous Castles of France

France, one of the magnificent countries of the Middle Ages, is very famous for its castles. These magnificent buildings of ancient times can now be used as hotels or museums. You can easily get lost in the layers of time as you wander around the castles, which have witnessed many historical events and fascinated people with their size and workmanship. In addition to the castles, one of the most famous palaces in the world is located in France: Palace of Versailles. We will examine the Palace of Versailles, which is also used as a museum today, under a separate title.

The way to explore the French castles is through Normandy. Many beautiful castles rise across the Loire River Valley, protected by UNESCO. For example Chambord Castle. Considered as one of the most beautiful examples of French Renaissance architecture, this castle was built in the 16th century in the name of King François I. Chambord Castle, with its gothic style towers, geometrically shaped landscape and 440 rooms, is definitely worth seeing.

Chaumont, another of the Loire Valley castles, is a candidate for breathing the people with the views it offers. Chaumont, one of the Renaissance castles, draws attention with its fat towers. The history of the castle is actually older than the Renaissance. This castle, built by the Eudes of Blois Count Eudes in the 10th century, was burned in the 15th century by the order of the king. Then King of France II. This castle, taken by Henri’s wife Catherine de Medici, was rebuilt in the Renaissance style and the interior design was designed with the most luxurious furniture of the period.

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