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What to Know About Quebec

Quebec is the capital of the province of Quebec, which has the same name as Canada, and has a population of 500,000. Quebec is known as the oldest city in North America.

Quebec is the capital of the province of Quebec, which has the same name as Canada, and has a population of 500,000. Quebec, founded in 1608, was founded as a French colony and its native language is French. Besides being known as the oldest city in North America, it is also the only city in North America that is still surrounded by walls.


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Where is Quebec?

Quebec is located in the south of Quebec Province, in the west of Canada.

Quebec Currency

Quebec uses “American Dollars” as its currency.

Official Language of Quebec

“Quebec” is spoken as the official language in Quebec.

When to Visit Quebec?

In the south of Quebec, there is a humid terrestrial climate and a polar climate in the crown. Winters are long and cold and rainy. Summers are short and warm. In winter, it is usually below -10 degrees with temperature. The average temperature in summer is 15 degrees. Due to the seasonal conditions, the most suitable travel time is between June and August.

Where to Stay in Quebec?

With its old architecture, artful streets, colorful festivals throughout the year, a culinary culture that smells delicious, this Eastern Canada city invites people from all over the world to its magical streets. Many migrants have survived to the present day, making the city a multicultural living area. Although French is spoken as a mother tongue today, with the influence of colonies that come from ethnic origins and arrived on time, most people know English. In Quebec city transportation is very developed, you can easily reach places you will go.

Regions of Quebec

Saint-Roch is one of the most frequently preferred neighborhoods in the city center. It is a central region where you can find affordable accommodation in the city. The main center and tourist area of the city is Old Quebec. It is divided into two as Lower Neighborhood – Upper Neighborhood. As it is a touristic center of the city, there are mostly luxury hotels and accommodation prices are more expensive than other neighborhoods. Sainte-Foy-Silley region is one of the preferred accommodation areas away from the city center; it is also preferred because it is close to the airport. On the Sainte-Foy-Silley area you can find hotel deals for affordable accommodation.

Beauport is a suburb on the Saint Lawrence River bank in the northeast of the city. It is an average of 8 kilometers from the city. This residential area, which is preferred for affordable accommodation, is also important in the economical production and transportation areas of the city. Les Rivières region, on the other hand, is a residential area outside of the city center where you can find hotels at affordable prices and you can easily reach the city center in a short time. You can find many accommodation opportunities in various parts of the city. There are many different concepts and opportunities in Quebec city according to your travel plan and budget.

Quebec Hotels

It is the capital of Quebec, one of Canada’s largest states. Quebec, an old city, has been accepted by the UNESCO to the World Heritage List. It is a city that fascinates with its historical beauties different from other cities of North America that must be seen.

There are many historical buildings to be seen in Quebec city, established on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. In addition, it welcomes many tourists with the festivals organized during the year. Although French is spoken as the official language, you can meet English speaking people in many places as it is a touristic city. Since the winter is challenging and cold, it is recommended to travel especially in the late spring and summer.

Quebec Hotel Deals

There are many hotel options you can choose for accommodation in the historical city. If you prefer a hotel close to the touristic areas in the city center, you can explore the historical streets of the city within short walking distances and easily go to other parts of the city by public transport. If you want to stay in a luxury hotel in Quebec city, overnight accommodation prices start from an average of $ 13- $ 200 for a standard room. If you do not want to exceed your budget too much during your trip plan and do not want to allocate too much budget for accommodation, you can choose affordable hotels or hostels. Accommodation prices at reasonable prices start from an average of $ 20- $ 50 per night. You can also choose alternative accommodation facilities such as guesthouses, apart hotels, apartments.

Quebec City Transportation

In Quebec, buses and taxis are used as city transportation vehicles. These buses serve the RTC Québec City, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Wendake and Ancienne-Lorette districts. Another important means of transportation in the city are taxis.

Places to Visit in Quebec

Quebec stands out with its history and atmosphere as one of the oldest campuses in North America. While many American cities are known for their modern life, structures and culture, Quebec is a city that smells of history. The main attractions are Old City, Quebec walls, Quartier Petit Champlein, Lawrence River and Vieux harbor, Saint Anne Beaupre Temple, Montmorency Fall’s Park.

Old City

Located on the top of Quebec, known as Upper Town, and added to the Unesco World Heritage List at the same time, Old Quebec is the most historic residential area of ​​Canada and all of North America. In 1608, Samuel de Champlein, a cartographer and known as “The Father of New France”, discovered. It was then colonized as an administrative center by the French invaders because it had a very good field of view.

The “Chateau Frontenac” hotel, which is located in the Old City and has a great architecture as well as being huge, is known as the most photographed hotel in the world. Old City has a friendly and gentle atmosphere. Tresor Street is the open-air art gallery of Old Quebec. Horse-drawn cars, street entertainments, singers and artists can be seen all over the street. The walls surrounding the city have earned Quebec the only city title still surrounded by walls in North America. You should definitely visit Old City, which makes Quebec Quebec.



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Quebec Cuisine

Quebec food culture is an American city, but it is under the influence of French cuisine. The fact that there is a French colony in the past has a big effect on this. In Quebec cuisine, dishes prepared with pork and French style are widely consumed. Among the most important dishes are; French pea soup, outine with sauce and french fries with cheese, rapie pie, a kind of pastry covered with starch-shaped dough consistency, and tourtieres, a meat pie. We recommend you to try these flavors in the restaurants in Lower Town.

Quebec Nightlife

Quebec’s nightlife is very active. Lounge bars and pubs are the main entertainment venues of the city. There are small but quite fun local bars on the streets of Place D’Youville, rue Saint-Jean in the west. It is also possible to find several gay and lesbian bars in this area. Night clubs are mostly located in Nouvo aint-Roch district. Live jazz performances, blues, rock and dance music dominate Quebec’s entertainment culture.

Popular Locations

  • Quebec Pub Crawl
  • La piazz
  • La Ninkasi du Faubourg
  • Pub des borgia
  • Pub galway

Shopping in Quebec

Quebec is a very lively city for shopping with its big shopping malls, world-famous markets, and boutiques on its charming streets. The streets where you can shop are usually gathered on the streets of the Lower Tower. Historic decorative art shops and high fashion boutique products are sold on the narrow street of Quartier Petit Champlein. There are 400 year old boutique shops on Rue Saint-Paul street. In addition, it is one of the city’s attractions with its bistros, art galleries and antique shops. Rue Saint-Joseph street has a European atmosphere with its original boutiques, bakeries, cafes and toy stores.

Quebec Festivals

  • Quebec Winter Carnival (February)
  • Quebec Carnival (August)
  • Quebec Music Festival (September)



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