Discover Canada’s Wonderful City Halifax

What to Know About Halifax

Halifax is the capital of Canada’s Nova Scotia (New Scotland) state. It was created in 1996 by merging with the small cities around it, and with its population of 415,000, it is the largest state among the Atlantic states of Canada. Halifax is a very high quality city. In the city, where prosperity and development is at a high level, the number of young population and students is also high.

Halifax, which has a very cosmopolitan structure due to the density of students, is also famous for its nightlife and bars. In addition to these, Halifax is a city worth seeing especially with its museums, parks, natural areas, modern buildings and festivals that do not end in summer. Throughout our guide, you will find interesting and important details about the city and you will have all the necessary information for your trip.

Where is Halifax?

Halifax is a city in the east of Canada, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and a state of New Scotland.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Halifax

Although Halifax is a small city by North American standards, it has many places to see. In the city where modernism and history are intertwined, museology and historical structures come to the fore. The wars fought by Britain and France to dominate the region are the most important factors that make up the history and culture of this city.

The city has a very cosmopolitan structure. It owes this to many universities and students. This diversity is culturally the face of Halifax. If you are undecided to come to this city, Halifax is a city worth seeing with its islands, castles, religious buildings, museums, gardens and streets.

Atlantis Maritime Museum

The Atlantic Maritime Museum, located by the sea near the port, is one of the oldest and most important museums not only of Halifax, but of Canada. More than 70 small boats and over 30,000 historical collections are exhibited in the museum. The most interesting piece in it is a steam research ship built in 1913. The museum was founded in 1948 by volunteer officers and is now visited by thousands of tourists.


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Where to Stay in Halifax?

There are many hotel options in Halifax, where you can stay for every budget. Hotels in the city are generally gathered in the city center near the shore. You can easily reach both transportation networks and touristic places with a choice of accommodation from here. The most preferred accommodation areas are Barrington and Robiecadde.

When to Visit Halifax?

Halifax is under the influence of the sea climate as it is a city that has a coast to the Atlantic Ocean. The few are slightly rainy and humid, and the winters are usually snowy and cold. Spring months are mild. The ideal travel times for Halifax are between June – August and October.

Halifax Inner City Transportation?

Local transportation in Halifax is provided by taxis, ferries and buses. Transportation facilities are generally sufficient.

Halifax Cuisine

Although Halifax Cuisine is not a culture in itself, there are many flavors worth eating. The city has developed on seafood. Especially mussels are among the most famous seafood. Besides the mussel, clams are also consumed quite a lot. Lobsters are also highly preferred, although their prices are a bit expensive. You can experience fishermen close to the shore at cheap prices.

In general, you can taste these beautiful fish in many restaurants and bistros in the city. Although seafood is a bit expensive, many of the cold appetizers of Halifax, which are served in various flavors, are affordable according to their quality. If you are not interested in seafood, there are many restaurants serving international cuisine in the city.

Halifax Nightlife

The nightlife of Halifax is very active. Lounge bars, night clubs and pubs are the main entertainment venues of the city. His entertainment life focuses especially on Granville Street. The most preferred special consumption alcohol is liquor. This liquor is sold everywhere, including grocery stores. Night life can be called a little expensive in terms of price. A glass of rum or vodka costs about $ 13. While entertainment venues on Grafton Street can be quite expensive, those on Sackville Street are quite cheap but of poor quality. These entertainment venues are usually open until 03:00 at night.

Shopping in Halifax

Shopping opportunities of Halifax are very good. Luxury and leading shops line up along Barrington Street. You can find the stores of the world’s leading brands in the types of clothing, technology, jewelry, accessories. Spring Garden Road is another popular shopping area of the city. It is possible to come across all kinds of shops and all kinds of unique shops here. It is the most populated region in terms of shopping potential and number of people.

Besides, it is quite remarkable on Quinpool Road. There are tropical fishes, dresses, movies, books, souvenirs and many boutique shops. It is one of the most preferred places by tourists.

If we come to some certain stores, there may be designer clothes and accessories in Black Market, many kinds of books in Venus Envy, and second-hand clothes at cheap prices in Dress in Time.

Halifax Festivals

With its cosmopolitan texture, Halifax offers a magnificent atmosphere for those who attend the festival. A travel program that you will plan by considering the dates of national and international festivals will add unforgettable memories.

  • Busker Festival (August)
  • Nova Scotia International Air Show (September)
  • Nova Scotia Royal Tattoo Festival (July)
  • Tall Ships Festival

Official Language of Halifax

English is the official language in Halifax.

Halifax Currency

Halifax uses “Canadian Dollars” as its currency.

Useful Information Halifax

  • Police: 911
  • Fire Department: 911
  • Ambulance: 911


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