Delicious Food in German Cuisine

German cuisine continued its development for centuries under the influence of social and political changes from region to region. Therefore, it shows local diversity. In addition, the materials used in the country’s cuisine vary according to the states. However, the features of German cuisine that cannot be attributed to the whole nation are also absent.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to German cuisine is of course sausage. If the Berliner sausage produced from pork does not suit your taste, you can choose beef sausages given Frankfurtera.Potatoes are also an indispensable ingredient of German dishes. Potatoes are frequently used in both meals and as a side dish. Currywurst is one of the famous dishes of sausage and potatoes.

The first drink that comes to mind when it comes to Germany is beer. In addition to the classic barley beer, there is also WeissBier, which means White Beer in Turkish and made of wheat. Since the distillation technique is different, the taste of these beers, which have a more misty and ”dirty” appearance, is completely different.

German cuisine is highly developed in terms of pastry and bakery. Desserts of Germany, where you can taste the most special breads of the world, are also famous. Black Forest Cake is the main one among these desserts that you must absolutely taste.

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