Small Tips for Swiss Town Discoveries


  • First of all, it is a must to rent a car. Because instead of saving time and traveling more comfortably, traveling with bags and suitcases will make the vehicle more logical. Also; It will be more economical if your travel team is more than 2 people.
  • Switzerland is not a place where you can say that you can do it by seeing the mountains, looking down from those mountain peaks and so on. Sometimes there will be places where you will see max 2 places in 1 day.
  • Switzerland is a region with 208 mountains higher than 3000 meters and 24 mountains higher than 4000 meters.
  • Milk is the national drink of Switzerland.
  • Chocolate lover Switzerland produces more than 150,000 tons of chocolate annually. Swiss consumes an average of 10 kg of chocolate per year.
  • Swiss flag is square. There is a square flag instead of a rectangle in Switzerland only with the Vatican in the world.
  • There are 4 official languages ​​in Switzerland. German, French, Italian, Romani and English.
  • I think market shopping is extremely important. Because there is no restaurant environment that provides such great service on the town routes, small snacks you will carry with you will save lives.
  • Credit card is common everywhere. You can also return the trip without having cash.
  • Switzerland is a country that accepts guests from all over the world for 12 months. Therefore; it is useful to make your reservations in advance.

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