The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Quebec

Quebec stands out with its history and atmosphere as one of the oldest campuses in North America. While many American cities are known for their modern life, structures and culture, Quebec is a city that smells of history. The main attractions are Old City, Quebec walls, Quartier Petit Champlein, Lawrence River and Vieux harbor, Saint Anne Beaupre Temple, Montmorency Fall’s Park.

1. Old City

Located on the top of Quebec, known as Upper Town, and added to the Unesco World Heritage List at the same time, Old Quebec is the most historic residential area of ​​Canada and all of North America. In 1608, Samuel de Champlein, a cartographer and known as “The Father of New France”, discovered. It was then colonized as an administrative center by the French invaders because it had a very good field of view.

The “Chateau Frontenac” hotel, which is located in the Old City and has a great architecture as well as being huge, is known as the most photographed hotel in the world. Old City has a friendly and gentle atmosphere. Tresor Street is the open-air art gallery of Old Quebec. Horse-drawn cars, street entertainments, singers and artists can be seen all over the street. The walls surrounding the city have earned Quebec the only city title still surrounded by walls in North America. You should definitely visit Old City, which makes Quebec.

2. Quebec Walls

These city walls, which earned the title of the only city in North America surrounded by walls, to Quebec, surround the Old City with a total length of 4.5 kilometers. These walls, which form the defense of Quebec, were used and developed by the French and British regimes, respectively. The fortifications on the walls, gun and gun cavities, star-shaped fortress, towers, Artillery Park and castles are the elements that make these walls magnificent. You can walk on the walls of Quebec, just like the Great Wall of China. You can watch the magnificent Quebec and its view by walking on these walls.

3. Lower Town

Quebec City consists of two districts, Lower and Upper. Power Town contains the main attractions of the city with its historical residences, merchants, tradesmen and narrow streets. The “Gate of Hope” on Cote de la Canoterie street, which provides connection with Upper Town, separates the two regions. This door was built in 1873 to prevent people trying to enter the fugitive.

Quebecois, Rue St. Narrow streets such as Paul and Quartier Petit Champlein are the main places that reflect the historical spirit of this place with its merchants, craftsmen and historical buildings. Various figures and paintings on the narrow streets of Quartier Petit Champlein are quite interesting. The disasters such as wars and landslides that the city experienced in its time are well illustrated. After that, you can see Notre Dame des Victories, the oldest stone church in North America. This church resembles a small stone house and was built in 1688 in the name of the victory by the British against the French. Briefly, Lower Town is one of Quebec’s main sights.

4. St. Lawrence River and Vieux Port

Saint Lawrence River is among the indispensable natural beauty of Quebec. Over the years, it has been the trade route between America and Quebec for over 400 years. Bicycle paths around Vieux harbor on this river increase this beauty with its shows, public market and parks. Many cruise ships dock in this port in summer and bring tourists to the city. Many marine mammal species live in the Lawrence River. It is also possible to see these bushes from the bridges over the river. St. Lawrence River and Vieux harbor are among the must-see places in Quebec.

5. Saint Anne Beaupte Temple

Saint Anne Beaupte Temple, one of the oldest temples in North America, has been a miracle house for gasta and many people with disabilities. The tomb here attracts more than one million visitors every year as the oldest pilgrimage place in North America. The neo-Roman Marvel Basilica, which is magnificent with the statue of Saint Anne in it, fascinates its visitors with its hundreds of stained glass windows, exquisite works of art. In addition to being a magnificent place of worship, this place is a place that people prefer to relax.

6. Montmorency Falls Park

Montmorency is a nature park famous for its waterfall, which is 30 meters higher than Niagara. It can be seen from the top of this waterfall, which spills from the Lawrence River, with a magnificent view across the river. The best field of view is in the Parc de la Chute building. When you get here, you can feel yourself in space, inside a sipral. The freezing of fluid waters around the waterfall in winter is another wonderful sight. To see this event, tourists come to the waterfall mostly in the winter months. With the suspension bridges on the river, many areas can be visited in this nature park and different viewing angles can be obtained. There is also an air tram (Funitel) to reach this height. These vehicles are also very popular with tourists.

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