Top 5 Festivals in Germany

Festivals in Germany are known among the highest and largest festivals in the world, with millions of people coming together to celebrate the country’s culture, beer and food.In addition to the iconic beer festival, which is the Oktoberfest, Germany is also known for its classical music and films. While the city of Bonn celebrates the famous composer Beethoven with a series of symphony concerts, exhibitions and workshops, Berlin hosts an international film festival with a series of filmmakers, actors and producers from around the world. We have prepared the 5 most popular festivals in Germany for you.

1. Oktoberfest Festival, Munich

The Oktoberfest or October Festival is a 2-week festival held annually in Munich, in the German state of Bavaria, in the last days of September and the first days of October. This festival, which is attended by about 6 million people every year, is the most famous event in the city of Munich.

Germany’s most iconic Volkfest oktoberfest attracts millions of people to the city to enjoy Bavarian beer and food, live bands and parades. This 3-week festivity begins with live costumes, buoys and parades of people in traditional costumes before gathering at the Theresienwiese fairground. You can find hundreds of large tents of gallons of beer provided by famous Munich breweries, traditional Bavarian music through the big speakers throughout the day.

2. Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

The Reeperbahn Festival combines the diversity of new and international talent with a program of a wide range of themes in a progressive music market.Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival gives music lovers the chance to enjoy various genres and future artists from around the world. For 4 days in September More than 350 music concerts, art exhibitions, conferences and film screenings are held in and around the Pauli area.

The Festival Village in Heiligengeistfeld is the central hub for these themes and more. Industry visitors who come to the Reeperbahn Festival within the framework of sessions, showcases, networking events and award shows can listen, rethink and experience music.

3. Cologne Carnival, Cologne

Considered as the capital of the carnival in Germany, Karneval in Cologne begins with chocolate, candy and toys thrown to them from the vehicles participating in the parade, with a huge costume party colorful costumes that last about 6 days from Thursday to Tuesday. Approximately 8 kilometers long, 5 hours long and 11 thousand people walk, 1. The day starts with a lively street crossing in the morning, crowds are dressed in strange costumes and filled with noisy music from almost every pub and brewery in the city. After many traditional music, dance and live performances throughout the day, more parties and street shows are expected for the night.

4. Cannstatter Volksfest, Stuttgart

Cannstatter Volksfest starts with a magnificent alleyway with horse-drawn beer wagons, locals dressed in traditional costumes and marching bands. Similar to Oktoberfest, this family-friendly festival lasts about 3 weeks from the end of September. Probably one of Stuttgart’s most popular festivals, many fairgrounds include haunted houses, roller coasters and ferris wheels of various shapes and sizes. During your visit at Cannstatter Volksfest, you can also find various dining stalls and beer tents, where you can enjoy delicious local dishes, German beers and wines.

5. Berlin International Film Festival

Berlin International Film Festival is one of the leading film festivals in Europe, along with Venice and Cannes festivals. Also known as Berlinale. It has been held since 1951. It is held in February every year.

Berlinale, a festival for private cinephiles, displays more than 400 films of various genres and lengths. It has been held in Berlin since 1978, one of the largest international film festivals in the world. More than 10,000 professionals from 115 countries come together in 10 different programs, workshops and premiums at the European Film Market. You can even catch your favorite celebrities in Berlinale.

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