The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Moscow

Russia, the largest country in the world with an area of 17 million square kilometers, stands out with its rich historical past and natural beauties. Russia, which has a multi-national structure, really took advantage of this. It will really fascinate you with its architectural structures and natural beauties.

Moscow, which has been the capital of Russia since 1480, also promises rich options in terms of places to visit. Moscow is an important political, economic, cultural, and scientific center of Eastern Europe. The city, where impressive Soviet architecture meets eye-catching buildings, is one of the ideal routes for a different holiday experience. Here are the sights of Moscow…

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Information About Moscow

Moscow, one of the capitals that attract the most tourists in the world, seems to have sworn to bind you with its fairy-tale structure from the first moment. When you visit each point in the Moscow travel guide, you will get to know Moscow, which has witnessed many events throughout its 960-year history, and you will surely warm up to it in a short time. Even the cold weather that dominates Moscow will not be able to affect the temperature between you. Moscow, the capital of Russia and the most populous city in terms of population, is one of the most important economic, cultural, political, and scientific centers of Eastern Europe. It is possible to see all the architectural features of Russian culture in Moscow, which takes its name from the river that flows through it. With this feature, another Russian city with western-style architecture, St. Leaving Petersburg, the city became the capital of the USSR in 1918.

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1. Red Square

Red Square, which is the first point that comes to mind when Moscow is mentioned, is also at the top of the list of Moscow travel guides. Red Square is the most important square in the city. Red Square, the scene of many important events throughout history; nowadays, it hosts many festivals, parades, and rallies. Keep in mind that you will visit the Red Square, which is beautiful both night and day, more than once during your Moscow trip.

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 2. Kremlin Palace

Many of Moscow’s most important historical monuments are hidden behind the nearly 20-meter-high red brick walls of the Kremlin Palace. It contains four cathedrals, the Kremlin Palace, the State Armory Museum, the Diamond Tower, and the Great Bell Tower of Ivan the Terrible. As the center of political power in Russia, the Kremlin is subject to very strict rules. For this reason, you cannot act on your own while visiting the palace, you have to follow the route directed by the soldiers.

Another symbol of Moscow is the Kremlin Palace. Today, you can only visit the garden of the palace, where the Russian Presidency also resides. Just in front of the palace is the mausoleum where Lenin’s mummified body is located. Built on Borovitsky Hill, the palace has a fascinating design with its high walls.

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3. St. Basil’s Cathedral

Built by Ivan the Terrible, St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of Moscow’s most famous historical monuments. Built-in the 16th century, the cathedral is located to the east of the towers above the Kremlin triangle and Red Square. Although the exterior of the Cathedral is plain compared to the Kremlin, the interior of the cathedral has magnificent wall decorations with frescoes, paintings, and many religious art pieces. One of the must-see places in Moscow.

The cathedral, which welcomes you with all its grandeur in the square, is a structure that amazes everyone with its gaudy exterior design. The eight-domed cathedral also has an important place in Russian history. St. Basil’s Cathedral deserves a few photos with its design reminiscent of a castle in fairy tales. The cathedral, which was built by Ivan the Terrible, is one of the most important places to visit in the Moscow travel guide.

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4. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the largest European art museum in Moscow, was opened to visitors in 1912. It is possible to see many impressive works of art in the museum. You can see the paintings of world-famous painters such as Vincent Van Gogh closely in the museum. Museum; It consists of three different sections as archeology, numismatics, and fine arts. Many items from the ancient Egyptian period are also exhibited in the museum.

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, which features rare paintings and sculptures from the history of art, will undoubtedly be a point of attraction for art lovers. The museum regularly diversifies its permanent exhibitions in order to show off the number of works it has. His most eye-catching works are II. It consists of pieces brought from Berlin during World War II and famous selections from the French Impressionist movement. This museum is among the places to visit in Moscow.

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5. Bolshoi Theater

The Bolshoi Theater, which is the most beautiful example of Russian neoclassical architecture, includes world-famous opera and ballet troupes. The theater building has been in operation since 1824. Bolshoi Theater, one of the important stages in the world, has hosted many world-famous artists over the years. If you have the opportunity, do not neglect to watch a performance here.

It is the national theater of Russia and one of the largest theaters in the world. With its fascinating atmosphere, the Bolshoi theater manages to fascinate and immerse each audience in the plays. Although it may sound tempting to buy Bolshoi tickets online, the most affordable option is to buy them directly at the theater’s box office. It’s a good idea to be early as tickets sell out so quickly, don’t even think about buying them at the door at the last minute when you go to watch!

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6. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The war memorial on the Kremlin Wall was built in memory of Soviet soldiers killed during the Second World War. Soldiers are constantly patrolling around the monument. In addition, in front of the monument, there is a marble inscribed on the settlements that suffered the most in the war.

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7. Russian State Historical Museum

You can witness the history of Russia at the Russian State History Museum, where many works from the prehistoric period to the present are exhibited. You may have to spend hours visiting the museum, which is quite large. Outside the museum, there is a statue symbolizing the Russian army that defeated the German army in the Second World War.

The History Museum is the most remarkable and imposing structure that stands before you when you enter the Red Square through the resurrection passage. The works in the museum, which exhibits Russian history from the Paleolithic age to the present, fascinate its visitors with their extraordinary details. Although somewhat long-winded, it is ideal for learning about Russian culture and history.

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8. Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The cathedral, which impresses with its magnificent design when viewed from the outside, was built in 1839. Standing out with its gold-leaf domes, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is also the longest Orthodox church in the world. The cathedral, which was the target of bombs in 1931, was rebuilt and took its final form in 2000.

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 9. Tretyakov Gallery

It is possible to see the works of Russian artists who lived between the 11th and 20th centuries in the gallery. The gallery, which consists of works from the collection of art collector Pavel Tretyakov, also displays works of art from the pre-revolutionary years.

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10. Old Arbat Street

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It is possible to spend long hours on Old Arbat Street, one of the most touristic streets of the city. You can buy suitable products for yourself from the souvenir shops on the street. In addition, cafes and restaurants on the street are waiting for you to take a breather. It can take you to different lands with the music of street artists on Old Arbat Street, which is a very colorful street.

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11. Moscow Metros

In fact, it is quite strange that one of the places to visit in a city is metro stops. However, Moscow is not like any other city we know. In Moscow, where each metro station tastes like an art museum, walking around the subways is just like visiting a museum. The fact that subway stations were used as shelters during the Second World War makes them even more interesting. It is possible to see many artifacts from the Soviet period at Moscow metro stops. That’s why you might consider increasing subway travel.

In 1933, Stalin’s Communist Party approved the construction of a subway that would stretch for a total of 79 km under the streets of Moscow. The artists involved in the construction of the metro were guided to create designs that “embody the perception of a bright future”.

A metro with such large and artistic details was built that it really became one of the places worth seeing in Moscow. In addition to each station has a unique design, Komsomolskaya and Slavyansky Boulevard Station are the most popular stops in terms of their designs.

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12. Vodka Museum

Vodka is a native Russian drink and is part of Russia’s culture and traditions. Many recipes have been created for the history of existence. Although Russia and Poland argue about the birthplace of vodka, Russia has not been idle since the 19th century and continues to develop Russian standards. The museum, especially the 1917 revolution and World War II. It showcases the history of vodka with a focus on World War II. In addition, there is the opportunity to try many types of vodka in the restaurant of the museum.

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