The 7 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

Strolling in a garden full of colorful flowers should be one of the most peaceful activities in the world! How about wandering in these fragrant gardens all over the world where you can hear the rustling of leaves walking on their shady paths and where bird chirps are not missing?

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AmsterdamBamboo TreesBrazilCherryChinaDaitokuji GardensEnglandFranceFrenchHidcote GardenInhotim GardenJacques MajorelleJapanJardin Majorelle GardensKeukenhof GardensKyotoMarrakechMing DynastyMoroccoNetherlandsPedro NehringPinePlum TreesShanghaiTravelTrending StoriesVillandry GardensWilliam SheaksepeareYuyuan Gardens

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