The Most Colorful Celebration of Italy Venice Carnival

Every February, Venice witnesses a giant masquerade. Costumes, masks, street parties and of course the city’s own magic, carnival time leaves unforgettable memories for those who visit here.

The Most Colorful Celebration of Italy Venice Carnival

Venice, the romantic city of Italy, hosts a very important cultural event. Thanks to the Venice Carnival, which is held in February every year, big celebrations are held in the city. The Venice Carnival is a collection of celebrations dating back to the 13th century and famous worldwide for their masks. Throughout the carnival, people wear colorful costumes.Welcoming visitors from all over the world during this period, Venice becomes completely different.

The Importance of the Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival is a very important event that cost the city. The event actually dates back too long. It has a process from 1290 until today. Previously, the Venice Carnival lasted an average of 40 days. However, today they started to reduce to 1 week.

The biggest point in the Venice Carnival is the plague epidemic in Venice between 1347 and 1351. This carnival actually celebrates the end of the plague. This is the main feature of the carnival. Carnival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Poor and rich people wear each other’s clothes. Tourists wear various clothes and masks, including this one. The purpose of doing this is that rich and poor people do not know each other.

What to do in Venice Carnival?

The mask tradition, identified with Venice, emerged in the 13th century with the will of Venetians to hide their identity at parties. Thus, aristocrats and people from the lower layer, who hid their faces with masks, could fuse at these parties regardless of their class distinctions.Therefore, if you are in Venice during the carnival period, maybe it’s not a 17th century nobleman costume, but you should definitely get a mask. touring and watching your surroundings and taking photos of your favorite costumes.

Throughout the carnival, events are organized all over the city, especially St. Mark’s Square. As every year, the carnival starts with the “Fly of the Angel” show, a ritual dating back to the 1500s, and a yacht race.

One of the interesting shows is the Best Mask Competition (La Maschera Piu Bella), which is held twice every day. In the scene set up in the square, interesting costume and masked contestants try to appreciate themselves on foot.

The festival’s calendar of events also included the “Festa delle Maria”, that is, the march of the twelve young women who were saved from the hands of the pirates, “The Flight of the Eagle” and “The Flight of the Lion” shows, competitions organized every day and the best masks were selected, fireworks There are shows and classical music concerts.

Apart from all these public entertainments, the historical hotels of the city do not remain empty and organize similar masks of their glorious masks before centuries.So the carnival period is never empty in Venice, there is no color and music from anywhere you look.

One of the city’s most classic hotels on the Giudecca Island, overlooking the unique view of St. Mark’s Square, Hotel Cipriani, located in one of the 16th-century palazzos on the Grand Canal, Aman Canal Grande Venice teleported yourself to the 16th century The Giritti Palace, where you will feel and Ca’Sagredo Hotel, which does not neglect the comfort in its gaudy decoration in a historical palazzo, is one of the most privileged hotels of Venice.



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