Top 10 Addresses to Shop in New York

Of course, it is no coincidence that shopping enthusiasts admire New York! From flea markets to famous design brands, we have listed the most exclusive shops where you can find everything you are looking for in New York.

1. Macy’s: A New York Legend

You can spend a day comfortably by walking crazy among the stores in the biggest shopping center of the United States. With more than 10 floors, Macy’s offers everything you can imagine, from food to furniture, from wigs to clothing. Our suggestion is to visit the visitor center directly at the entrance, by showing your passport, get your discount card that will give you 10% discount on your shopping at Macy and start your shopping tour extra pleasant!

2. Century 21: Famous Designers

In this famous discount store, where the products of the designers are located, you can enjoy access to specially designed brands at affordable prices. In Century 21, you can get up to 70% discount on bags, shoes, clothes and accessories. What could be better for a shopaholic!

3. 5th Street: Shop Crazy

Fifth Avenue includes many iconic stores in New York, including Tiffany & Co, Saks, Cartier, Armani and Bergdorf Goodman. There is also a huge Apple store here, which is larger than 1000 square meters and open 24 hours a day. Log in to Central Park on 59th Street and continue down, in the meantime, be careful while shopping in New York, so that the black waters do not come to your feet!

4. Brooklyn Flea Market

Another hidden gem of Williamsburg is this eclectic flea market, the star of the weekends. Brooklyn Flea Market is the perfect place for those who are fond of vintage goods, from antique artists’ products and trinkets to antiques, and those who love to haggle. You can’t imagine what you might encounter. Maybe it’s a handmade jewelry designed with recycled items, maybe a vintage handbag from the 1920s… The Brooklyn flea market offers one of the most unique shopping experiences in New York.

5. Bedford Street, Williamsburg

If your budget is limited to shop in New York but you are looking for something special, head to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can choose the subway to reach Bedford Street. Here you will find many cool boutiques, record shops, street vendors, second-hand charity shops and vintage marketplaces.

6. Chelsea Market: Boutique Food Shops

Chelsea Market is the dream of those who love to eat. You can spend a day tasting specially produced cheeses, fresh seafood, Italian pastries and ice creams, wines, handmade chocolates and much more. Do not forget to visit the internationally renowned Sarabeth’s Bakery and eat the cookies that have a sense of taste from heaven while melting in your palate.

7. FAO Schwarz: Toy World

FAO Schwarz’s reputation is not only the oldest toy store in America, but it is also a unique entertainment for the whole family. You can find more about the toy than you can think of. What are they? How about a giant Batman made from a real-sized giraffe, a lego? While the fortune-telling Zoltar draws the attention of the ladies, the giant piano in the movie “Big” starring Tom Hanks can attract the attention of the gentlemen.

8. The Strand

You can probably find that rare old book, The Strand, that you always look for but can’t find wherever you go. Because when you line up all the books of this dormitory, it will create an 18-mile book path. There is also a special “rare” room, where very special books are offered in this room, from leather-bound and signed copies to first editions.

9. Madison Street: Designer Works

Madison Street, or Madison Avenue, with its local name, can collapse your credit card and burn your wallet as you feast your eyes! Consisting of 22 blocks, this street houses only the stores of very expensive and luxury brands that appeal only to the creamy layer. Armani, Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana… Even if you are not going to buy anything, it is worth touring just to see the magnificent showcase decorations. The New York shopping experience is not complete without stopping at Madison Street.

10. SoHo: Stylish Boutiques and More

With its cobblestone streets and cast iron architecture, the trendy SoHo (south of Hudson Street) is one of New York’s most beautiful shopping areas. You can also see shopping malls such as Bloomingdale’s at SoHo, from vintage antiques, where classic antique pieces, to luxury designer stores and art galleries. In addition to these, you can find popular shops with an interesting product range from special sewing hats to tuxedos in some shops that serve with a unique store.

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