9 Important Facts You Should Know About California

California is a leading state in the American economy, which embraces the dreams of many people, whose films are written and songs are written.

1. A state with a large population from many countries.

California is the country’s most populous state on the west side of the USA. According to the census of 2004; California, with a population of 36 million, follows Texas with 21 million, New York with 19 million and Florida with 16 million.

2. He played a role in important events in the history of the USA.

Whites came to the region for the first time in 1542. A colony was established around San Diego Bay in 1796. Whites spread further north over time, and the Indians of the region were forced to become Christians and work in the affairs of the Whites. The primary occupation of the early arrivals was cattle breeding, leather and oil trade.

Until 1840, the influence of Mexico was observed in the colonization phenomenon. With the Guadalupe Hidago Treaty, signed in 1848 after the war between the USA and Mexico (1846-1848), Mexico left California to the USA. With the discovery of the first gold mine, the “Gold Rush” (Colondike) period began. San Francisco grew rapidly in a short time, the population grew rapidly. California became the 31st member of the Union in 1850. The introduction of the railway in 1860s, the opening of oil wells, the industrialization due to hydroelectric energy and increased agricultural production accelerated migration. Urbanization rate has increased.

3. Some work, some patience. The result: great success in a short time.

After the discovery of gold deposits in 1849, California, which had become the largest economic center of the American continent today, with its population below ten thousand; It also represents the greatest economic power of the United States. California would have had the 8th largest economy in the world if it were a country (the rest of the USA, after China, Japan, Germany, the UK, Brazil and France). It has a larger economy than Italy, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Canada. This economic situation is a miraculous success, the official settlement of which can not be reached even in the age of 200.

4. The importance given to education shows itself in every way.

According to the unaltered constitutional law in California; 40% of state income is spent on education. Although education spending for most countries is a waste of money, these expenditures have made California the fastest growing economy and state in the world history known.

5. It is a very rich state in terms of mining.

Petroleum, which ranked 3rd in country production in the 1960s, is the province’s richest underground resource. Natural gas, cement main substance, sand, gravel, asbestos, diatomite, tungsten, salt, magnesium compounds, lead, zinc, copper, iron are other underground sources.

6. It hosts the beautiful valleys of the country.

It is separated by a deep valley between the Coastal Range extending parallel to the Great Ocean coast and the Nevada Range in the east. The highest point of the Coastal Mountain Range is Nount Linn (2.623 m), the highest point of the Nevada Mountains is Mount Whitney (4.418 m). Two large mountain ranges merge on Shasta Mountain (4.317) in the north. Sacramento descending from the north and St. Petersburg descending from the south. Joaquin streams form the Great Valley between mountain ranges. Both rivers flow into the ocean in the San Francisco Bay, east of San Francisco.

7. The heart of technology beats here.

Silicon Valley is the name given to the San Jose valley, which is part of the San Francisco valley in Northern California. This valley has the headquarters of major high-tech companies in the world. As an example to these; Intel, Cisco, Google, HP, Maxtor, Softway Solutions, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Nvidia, AMD, Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla, Yahoo! We can count their companies. These companies constitute a great economic power.

8. You will not get enough of traveling in California, which is very rich in touristic terms.

Places to visit in California;

  • Alcatraz (Alcatraz Island, which is spread over an area of ​​9 hectares 2.4 km from the beach in San Francisco Bay, is one of the most famous prisons in the USA.)
  • Golden Gate Bridge (At the entrance of San Francisco Bay in California, it is a suspension bridge over the Golden Gate Strait. Currently, it is the seventh longest suspension bridge in the world.)
  • Getty Center (It is a museum located in the Brentwood area of ​​Los Angeles, California state. J. Paul is the name given to one of the two venues of the Getty Museum.)
  • San Diego Zoo (One of the largest and most advanced zoos in the world, located in Balboa Park in San Diego, with more than 4,000 animals and more than 800 species. It is a member of the World Zoo and Aquariums Association.)
  • Disneyland (Disneyland is an amusement park in Anaheim, USA. It was founded on July 17, 1955 by US live artist and filmmaker Walt Disney.)

9. The songs written in the name are the guarantee of the beauty of the city.

Whenever artists or those with an art spirit embrace something, they write it and sometimes sing. He will be very loved in California that his songs were written and delivered to people. Here are some of them;

  • The Eagles – Hotel California
  • The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin
  • Sia – California Dreamin
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
  • Beach Boys – Surfin Usa

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