Top 13 Cities with Lively and Fun Nightlife

Some cities stand out with their night life as well as their historical and natural beauties. One of the first things that come to mind when it comes to holidays is entertainment. The nightlife cities are attracting tourists to visit. Because the nightlife cities are alive with the darkening of the air; it looks colorful, surprising and unusual.

1. London, UK

London is a center in Europe for entertainment… So much so that there is a widespread view that London’s nightlife is not only good in Europe but also in the world. London is also among the most beautiful capitals in the world. Everything you may or may not think of crazy nightlife and parties is in London. The most famous night clubs you need to go in London, which has the most vibrant nightlife in the world, are as follows;

  • Cargo: Located under the railway belts, this magnificent place impresses with its wonderful music as well as a warm and friendly crowd. You should definitely visit the canteen of this night club, which offers exquisite street flavors. Moreover, the entrance is free before 22.00 on Friday.
  • Corsica Studios: Students take part in this award-winning entertainment venue. An intimate and fun night club…
  • Koko: In this night club, you can have a fun-filled night with rock, pop, blues and dance music.

2. Beirut, LEBANON

Belonging to the capital of the Middle East for many years, the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, hosts a vibrant nightlife. List of places to visit in Beirut. In Beirut, known as one of the most touristic destinations in the Middle East, it is said that real life started after 10 p.m.

3. Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

The fact that the most famous DJs are Dutch makes the night life of Amsterdam quite colorful. Moreover, Amsterdam is a great city to capture Instagram photos! While you are cycling in Amsterdam during the day, strolling around interesting museums, the parties you will attend at night will fascinate you. The places that must be visited in Amsterdam, which hosts the world famous night clubs, are as follows;

  • Paradiso: This place is known to have served as a church since 1968. Nowadays, one of the best night clubs, Paradiso has hosted famous artists such as Lady Gaga and Al Green.
  • Escape: Located in Rembrandtplein, one of the lively points of the city center, Escape is one of the biggest and most popular night clubs in Amsterdam.
  • Sugarfactory: The club serves as a dynamic and creative venue where live music and theater come together. The club regularly hosts local and international DJs. In addition, the venue, which is a stage for live music, offers an excellent alternative for both intimate and large-scale shows.


Prague is a cute but magnificent city. This city has two faces. During the day, you can visit the most famous examples of Baroque and Gothic architecture around the world and walk through the narrow streets full of historical buildings that even Hitler could not bombard.

When it is night, you can find yourself amidst magnificent entertainment. Even on weekdays, Prague, where the venues are crowded, lifts that white cloth covered on it towards midnight. When you leave a place where you enter at night, the day is already getting light.

5. Havana, CUBA

Cuba is the home of people who were born to have fun! The entertainment venues of Cuba are as follows:

  • Casa de la cultura de la habana vieja
  • Casa de la música
  • Disco Macumba Havana

6. New York, USA

Known as the heart of the world economy, New York is also among the most visited cities in the world. The top floors of these buildings in New York, famous for its skyscrapers, are colored with terrace parties, especially in the summer. The night clubs of New York, which are called the city of freedom and madness, are as follows;

  • Webster hall
  • Cielo
  • Pacha

7. Ibiza, SPAIN

Ibiza, which is among the cities where nightlife is alive, has written its name on world history with night entertainment. The most colorful places of Ibiza, which is an island;

  • Pacha: Pacha, known as the island’s first club, entertains with a capacity of 3500 people and different types of music in 5 different rooms.
  • Amnesia: Amnesia, an outdoor entertainment center with a capacity of 15 thousand people, is a nightclub famous for its go-go girls who are fascinated with their dance.
  • Space: At the entrance of the club, where the wildest shows are displayed, everyone is given lollipops.

8. Milano, ITALY

The taste of nightlife is another in Milan, which hosts some expensive places! Night clubs of Milan, which is among the cities where nightlife is alive, are as follows;

  • Club Holywood: If you want to have fun and see celebrities, let’s take you to Club Holywood.
  • Plastic: Famous for its dance floor, Plastic is among the first choices of tourists.

9. Berlin, GERMANY

The first to hear that some parties continue in Berlin for a few days are quite surprised. It is a little difficult to accept that this hard-to-believe situation is real… If you are a bit lucky, you can experience this experience in Berghain, the city’s world-famous place during your Berlin trip. At the same time, many abandoned warehouses in Berlin serve as the world’s most famous underground techno clubs.

10. Barcelona, SPAIN

When the words of entertainment and nightlife come together with Spain, Ibiza comes to mind first. However, the fact that the entertainment is spreading over the whole year rather than a season puts Barcelona at the top of the list of nightlife cities. Barcelona is very famous for the after parties that extend until noon the next day…

11. Belgrade, SERBIA

Belgrade, known as the capital of Serbia, is also famous for its nightlife… Many people go to Belgrade for entertainment. The coastal regions of Belgrade, located at the point where the Danube and Sava rivers meet, are full of night clubs where the borders are pushed.

12. Las Vegas, USA

Known as a desert town in the state of Nevada half a century ago, Las Vegas has undergone an incredible change in a short time. Today, Las Vegas nightlife is among the cities that are alive.

13. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, where music plays an important role in daily life, hosts numerous concerts and events at night. The French Quarter of New Orleans is famous for its entertainment venues…

The city manages to put its name on the list of cities whose nightlife is alive with its magnificent entertainment.


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