Top 10 States to Visit in the USA

You think where I should go as soon as I step into America. You need to make an American itinerary program where you can spend both your budget and your time. Travel program can sometimes go to unnecessary places and spend unnecessary money. For this, I have prepared a little American travel guide on what states you should see in which states to have an idea in your mind.

1.New York

New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York metropolitan area, one of the world’s most populous metropolitan areas. New York, which is known as the world city where everyone is surely visited, has become a leading city in many fields such as media, art and commerce.It takes 9 hours from one end of the state of New York. I think you just need to go to New York City in New York.

Be sure to walk on 5th Avenue in Manhattan and you will eventually reach Central Park. Take the red stairs to Times Square. The Empire State Building, Top of The Rock, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge are some of the must-see places to visit in New York. Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange are well known to economics and finance students. I recommend you to visit these places.

Even though it’s a bit far from New York, Niagara Falls is a natural beauty to go and see. Located on the border of Canada and America, this place is a must-see for anyone who loves natural beauty.


California is located in the western part of the USA and is the most populous state in the country. Its population is around 32 million and its population is slightly higher than that of Canada. Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains overlooking the Yosemite Valley, the magnificent landscape, fascinates countless tourists who come to California every year. About 7,000 visitors come to Tunnel View every day to watch the scenery.

Formed in the Ice Age 2 million years ago, Lake Tahoe is another natural beauty in California. You can do water or snow sports according to the season at Lake Tahaor. California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and famous cities such as the famous Las Vegas comes to mind.

  • Los Angeles:

I think Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Getty Park and Santa Monica Pier will be enough.

  • San Francisco:

The Golden Gate Bridge is the first place to see if you’ve been to San Francisco. Then, the famous Lombart Street is the second largest symbol of San Francisco. Other places to visit in San Francisco include Union Square, Pier 39, Fisherman Wharf, Fine Art Museum.

  • San Diago:

If you’re wondering, the best thing in San Diago is to visit La Jolla Beach, where seal fish swim with you. Then you can head to Prospect Street and Girard Avenue. Finally, don’t forget to visit Point Loma and Sport Fishing Pier.

  • Las Vegas:

Although Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada, it is partly due to its proximity to the state of California. Las Vegas, of course, the first casinos come to mind. Be sure to take a walk on the Las Vegas Strip area Frement Street. Be sure to go to Red Rock Canyon and Grand Canyon. Be sure to watch the Cirque de Soleil and Fountains of Bellagio shows. Finally, go up to the top floor of the Stratosphere Hotel and have fun crazy, and enjoy the beautiful view of Las Vegas. There are a few other natural attractions in the state of California. But if you want to see a more beautiful place, I highly recommend you to go to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.


Imagine miles of pristine beaches and friendly, fun coastal towns. See yourself taking a tax-free shopping spree at Delaware beach boutiques and galleries, then stepping out for an evening of cutting-edge culinary adventure, followed by a quiet walk along the surf. Envision a land adorned with grand mansions and lush gardens, inviting us all to share the regal charm of Delaware’s ”Chateau Country.” Take time to pamper yourself with a spa weekend, or a quiet escape into Delaware’s wildlife refuges, alive with birds and beauty.In Delaware, so many paths are yours to explore  for a day, for a weekend, or any time at all.


With its diverse environment throughout the state, Maryland is home to several commodities including poultry, milk, pork, oysters, flowers, and fruits and vegetables.

Maryland is one of the most beautiful places to visit;

  • Historical places:Maryland State House, Historic Downtown Frederick, Ford’s Theater, Anderson House, Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, Main Street Berlin, Georgetown University, Mount Vernon Cultural District, Old Post Office Pavilion etc.
  • Points of Interest & Landmarks:Community Bridge Mural, The Awakening Sculpture, Camden Station- Camden Yards, Burnside’s Bridge, Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Place etc.
  • Monuments and Statues:Vietnam Martyrs Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, etc.
  • Farms: Butler’s Orchard, Milburn Orchards, South Mountain Creamery, Baugher’s, Catoctin Mountain Orchard, Chesapeake Bay Farms, Robin  Hill Farm & Vineyards, Weber’s Cider Mill Farm, Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run etc.


Virginia, the state of the United States on the Atlantic Ocean. The capital has a very important strategic position due to its proximity to Washington DC. Virginia is home to the CIA and the Pentagon. 8 of the President of the United States because of the birthplace of the “Mother of Presidents” has the nickname. Virginia has a humid subtropical climate. Therefore, summers have very high temperatures and winter is very cold. Fall is one of the most gorgeous seasons in Virginia, with vibrant leaves blanketing the landscapes from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the coastal plains. Fall also brings incredible flavors to your plate, as autumn marks the beginning of the harvest period in Virginia. Virginia has beautiful historical sites and museums. One of these is the Carlyle House, the DEA Museum.


Texas is the second most populous state and the second largest state in the United States.In the state of Texas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas are enormous cities. You will definitely experience a different travel experience in Texas than the other states of America. The river covers San Antonio. You can walk around the city by foot. In Houston, you can visit the NASA-based Space Center and many museums. I recommend you to visit The Houston Museum of Natural Science and Granbury Town Center.

In America, everything is great, but in Texas, everything is bigger. Houses, roads, cars, portions. Lots of Mexican lives. Rio Grande, Pecos River and Red River are the main streams of the state.


Florida is a tropical region. Millions of people visit Florida every year. It features beautiful beaches and dazzling theme parks, with many business opportunities. The world-famous Walt Disney World and EPCOT Center are located in Florida. Orlando and Miami are the busiest cities in the tourism and service sector.

Miami comes to mind first. The most important reason for the list of places to visit in the United States is a dream-like state to go for vacation. In Miami, Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, South Beach of course Ocean Drive, Little Havana, Bayside. If you have time, go to Key West and have a nice picnic and go to Cuba for a day. And if you still have time, you can take a 3-day holiday with cruise ships to the Bahamas.

Florida is a state with many amusement parks. These amusement parks in Orlando: Disney parks, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Discoverycove. Tampa has an amusement park called Busch Gardens.


If there is a city in the state of Illinois that is more famous than Illinois, it is Chicago. Probably we’ve all heard Chicago more. Skydeck is the most desirable place in Chicago. Be sure to get up here. If you return here without watching the skyscrapers and the city, you are not going to Chicago.You can also enjoy Millennium Park, Water Tower, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, Chicago Piver, Bean, Magnificant Mile Oak Beach, Foster and Norht Avenue Beach. 


Massachusetts is Boston. One of the main reasons why it is one of the must-see places in America is that America is the center of education.

The first place you should see in Boston is the Prudential Tower. Then I recommend you to visit Harvard University, Boston Public Garden, Newbury Street, New England Aquarium, Whale Watch and finally Charles River.


Philadelphia, of course, comes to mind first. The first place you should see in Philly is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. My advice is to visit Philadelphia’s Magic Garden, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia City Hall and Independence Hall.

Of course, don’t forget to come here and take a photo of the famous Benjamin Franklin Bridge that connects Philly and New Jersey and eat Philly Chesse Steak anywhere.

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