6 Attractions in London Following Sherlock Holmes

London must follow the footsteps of Detective Sherlock Holmes, the legendary character of Arthur Conan Doyle! This tour, which will be very interesting especially for crime-loving literature travelers, will find you in the mysterious world created by Conan Doyle by diving into the pages of Sherlock Holmes books.


First of all, you need to watch out for the Baker Street gang! Don’t panic now! The Baker Street Gang is an intelligence network made up of orphans who help Sherlock Holmes in their case.Baker Street is located in Westminster, London. It is an important street where songs from 18th century London are written. Madame Tussauds Museum is located on this street where wax statues of celebrities are exhibited. For fans of Sherlock Holmes literature, Baker Street’s most important point is 221b. Sherlock Holmes’ house and office. Today it is turned into a museum.


Sherlock Holmes stories of the famous detective and his deputy Doctor Watson’s house is described as the house of the book is arranged as a museum. At the entrance of the museum you will be greeted by an official wearing Victorian clothing. When you enter the museum, you can see all the personal belongings of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, which are narrated in the stories. When you see the things that are told in the stories to the finest detail, you think that the famous detective is really alive. According to a study, 58 percent of British youth believe that Sherlock Holmes really lives.

The detective’s typewriter, pipe, celebrity hat, books, fireplace, desk, bedroom, dinner sets, bath, wax statues and statues referring to stories (cyclist girl statue, etc.) give visitors the feeling of walking through Sherlock Holmes books. Before leaving the museum, make sure to buy a magnifying glass from the store selling Holmesian goods. This magnifying glass will help you capture the details and may be useful when you track down Sherlock Holmes on your London trip!


Sherlock Holmes skyline is located at Baker Street stop of London Underground. It’s a great place to take a photo with a sherlock holmes book in your hand when you’re sitting at a stop.


Scotland Yards, the indispensable space of not only Sherlock Holmes but all the other British detective books, is the name given to the Great Britain Police Department. Located near Westminster Bridge, this police force is famous for its success in solving the murders.


If you are tired of following the detective’s trail, this is a Pub & Restaurant where you can have a snack while relaxing. It includes a study room adapted from Sherlock Holmes books, a collection of photographs and objects.

When you’re sure you don’t leave your fingerprints in London, you can end your Sherlock Holmes pursuit. Otherwise, the strange detective with analytical thinking that does not skip even the finest details may stick to your neck using the inductive method.


The 9-meter bronze statue at the exit of the Baker Street subway station is an indication that Sherlock Holmes’s soul has permeated London. Don’t forget to take a photo in front of the statue!


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